Turn Signals, Stop Lights, and the Stereo

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by HM_Hauler, May 26, 2009.

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    What do these three have in common? I don't know, that's why I'm asking. I have a '92 Suburban 2500 4x4 and I keep blowing fuses for the turn signal and brake lights. Also, the stereo turns on, but doesn't respond to any of the controls beyond that. I have already figured out there's a short on the lights. I'm hoping someone can tell me the best places to look for this short. You know, "Oh yeah, I had that same problem. Check half way down the frame rail between the drive shaft and your ex-wife's carcass." That sort of thing.

    I do have a thick guage wire, either pink or blue hanging down in the drivers foot well. I don't know what it goes to but it comes from the other side of the foot well and seems to run to the trailer lights plug, but I don't know much beyond that.

    Anyhow, any help would be cool.


  2. unplugged

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    The only thing the turn signal, stop lights and stereo have in common is the ground. I don't expect that's your problem. More likely that the signal, stop lights are a separate issue. I'm not much help with the stereo, but a common source of trouble with the lights/signals is often the stoplight switch, or the turn signal switch.

    I like to start at the farthest point and work towards the source. Just a personal preference. Here is a good troubleshooting flow chart that may help. From: http://www.ifitjams.com/circuit.htm

  3. 2COR517

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    I don't think the stereo problem is related. That dangling wire is a prime suspect. Blue and pink are typical colors for trailer brake wiring. Do you have a brake controller? Check that dangling wire, and all your brake controller wiring. After that I would unhook the taillight harness behind the rear bumper. That should also eliminate your trailer plug setup. Try your brake/turn signals. If you're still blowing fuses with the taillight harness, it's time to trace the harness/loom from the back of the truck. You may be able to disconnect the rear harness at the firewall too.

    Keep us posted.

    As for halfway down the frame, that's where the rear harness ties into the transmission. Your ex wife may have been trying to hold on there
  4. HM_Hauler

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    Hey 2Cor517,

    I don't have a trailer brake controler under the dash, but I do have the light plug on the back bumper. It's not the flat four you see at U-Haul. It's a round 7 tab thing. I will take a swing at it and let you know.

    Hey Unplugged,

    I appreciate the flow chart but that only works if the person reading it has at least a modicum of electrical/mechanical know how. The Bourbon is the first vehicle with doors I've owned since the mid ninety's and my motorcycles have been very reliable and rock simple to work on. I am going to print out the chart and keep it for future reference.

    Thanks to both of you. I'll let you know how it works out.


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