Turn your Silverado into a Hybrid..... Fact or Fiction

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by PantheraUncia, Aug 7, 2012.

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    The ability to burn hydrogen in an internal combustion engine has been known for a long time, the problem is the safety factor, you know its one of those things like ya blow up one little Zepplin and ya get an unstable rep for life.
    Hydrogen returns good mpg and has good BTU #s, but making it safe has always been a problem.
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    Thank you Tim,

    From the diagrams it looks like they port the hydrogen into your air intake tube and it gets sucked in with the air coming through the air filter. What type og MPG gains can people expect or have been reported? 3-5 MPG improvement...... 10mpg improvement..... depending on the cost I might try a system like this, but i want to do more research first.
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    My Brother in law has been building his "HHO System" for a couple of years. He started with a kit that "comes with everything you need". He put it together and connected it exactly like the directions said and got zero results from it. He has since been "modding and tweaking", partially re-inventing the system ever since. He has spent well over a thousand dollars and still has seen no return on investment.

    He told me about his plans for the unit in the future. He has a parts list of almost another thousand dollars of things he is going to buy to build it with. At that point, he will have over 2k invested before he ever sees the benefits of the system (if there even are any). He could have bought a LOT of gasoline for what he has already invested. If the system ever works, it will probably only give him marginal results. He will probably have to drive the vehicle for the rest of his natural life to make up the cost of what he is putting in to it.

    Then you have to consider that the computer is not going to understand what you are doing. Just like with E85, the computer has to be able to make adjustments for the new mixture you will be adding into the engine. The only difference between a flex fuel vehicle and a non flex fuel vehicle is the engine computer.

    Having said all of that, I don't believe that a 12 volt system would even have the power necessary to generate an amount of HHO that would make any difference. The energy required to make water into Hydrogen is huge. I don't think 12 volts is going to cut it.

    Even the gas/electric hybrids are only capable of an 8% increase in fuel economy on a good day. "But the Prius gets 50 MPG!" some might say. Well... Not really (I have one. the computer reports 50 MPG, but real world math puts it closer to 46.) If the Prius was available in a non-hybrid model, it would most likely get about 42 MPG. That is probably why it isn't offered as a gas-only model.

    I am all for trying to shave off the amount of fuel used in driving. So far, everything I have seen exceeds the point of diminishing returns. you can buy a LOT of fuel for $2,000.00. It will take YEARS to make up the cost and then begin to start saving!

    My best advice to save fuel is to make sure your tires are properly inflated and to keep the vehicle properly maintained. Driving habits also account for the lion's share of fuel economy.

    Just my .02
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    Ive seen an actual increase of 10mpg on a truck. But it wasn't an easy bolt on project. As was pointed out the electrical power required to convert hydrogen was big. The truck I saw it on had 2 huge alternators and was running a 24V system for the power required. And I believe the owner had quit a bit of money invested although he wont say how much.

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