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Discussion in 'Detailing & Truck Care' started by KyleZ71, May 30, 2012.

  1. KyleZ71

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    I know a lot of us like to keep a clean and shinny vehicle but don't always have the money to buy or risk buying new products. After saying that I wanted to post my thoughts after using many of the Turtle Wax Ice products.

    Turtle Wax Ice Car Wash - The wash is very thick so it doesn't take much to wash off the truck. The car wash advertises a spotless finish and an agent to increase the shine of your vehicle. I went with this wash because it did not have wax in it (newly painted hood) and was very impressed. My truck looked great and was spotless. I used three buckets for the process and a microfiber mit. One bucket with the soap, one to rinse the mit in, and the other to rinse of the truck.

    Turtle Wax Ice Wheel and Tire Cleaner - The product is all wheel safe and includes a soft brush to get into all the pits and divots in the factory wheels. The spray comes out into a foam which works wonders on white lettering. Since it contains a break dust retarder it says once you rinse it clean, let it dry, and wipe to a shine. Love this product.

    Turtle Wax Ice Synthetic Wax Spray - Once I wash my truck off I am usually tired of being in the sun so I break this out. Simply spray on and wipe to a bright shine. Can use in direct sunlight and on all the trim and lights. Does not leave any residue. Leaves the truck looking great.

    Turtle Wax Ice Dirt Repellent Wax - Just bought this today and last week for my mother who is a mail carrier. Comes with a applicator and a microfiber towel. Goes on real easy and comes off just the same. Can apply to all trim once again, and once wiped off the truck is left with a bright wet shine. No residue and works great on the plastic trim. My mother says the water beads so easy and the dust/water runs right off.

    Turtle Wax Ice Polish (liquid) - Works similar to the wax above (without the repellent). Wipe on, let haze, wipe off. No residue whats so ever. Takes lots of the swirl marks out as well as water marks. Truck looks great afterwards, even used it on my truck before I had my high school grad pictures taken in '09. Works great on exhaust tips, running boards, head and tail lights, and plastic trim. Water beads relentlessly after using this product.

    All and all I would recommend these products and would give them a 4.5 out of 5. I will keep on purchasing these products when then run out.

    I did not purchase the interrior cleaner nor the detailing spray yet, as I have my favorite for both right now (mcquires supreme shine and lucus slick mist). I do have the turtle wax ice clay kit which I plan to use once I come back from air force field training this summer. Hope this helps some of you guys out. Just my two cents.
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    I don't know about the synthetic wax spray but I use the Turtle Wax Ice Synthetic Paste Polish and love it for two reasons:

    1. You can use/apply it in direct sunlight/heat, if necessary.
    2. It doesn't turn white when it touches black plastic/rubber parts.

    I also use the Turtle Wax Ice Spray Detailer (which can also be used in direct sunlight/heat) and have been very pleased with the results.

    Please update us after you use it. I'm partial to the Meguiars clay kit (and use the Meguirs Quick Detailer with it) but might switch The Turtle Wax kit next year if it's well-reviewed ... as it's a bit cheaper than the Meguiars kit.
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    LOVINTHESTORM Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    I agree with you on these products. Although I haven't used them all, I do use the car wash, and recently tried the synthetic spray wax. I love the results of these products and will be trying the detailer next.:great::great::great:
  4. KyleZ71

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    Like I said I have no complaints with their products. Can apply all in sunlight, easy on easy off, and leave the truck looking great!
  5. AMac

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    Nice write up, I'm a big fan of TW's ICE product line as well. I think I even have a fear of running out so I always have a full bottle of the car wash soap in inventory. I highly recommend the total interior car product. I try to find the bottles that have the bonus "43% more" on them. You can use this product on almost any surface of the truck with the exception of trying to use it as a wax product on your truck. I recently noticed that it could be used to clean upholstery so just this past weekend I used it to do a light shampoo of my seats and driver's side carpet area. I like that it's not super shiny or too greasy, it leaves a nice clean finish and smells pretty good. I also use it on all exterior plastic surfaces.

    I did pick up the TW ICE spray wax but I just can't stray away from the TW Black Car spray wax so i returned it the next day.
  6. KyleZ71

    KyleZ71 Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts ROTM Winner

    Im a fan of shiny but I shall give it a try. I do agree on the black detailing spray. Used it on my father's girlfriends '10 Mustang GT, made it very glossy. I use to be a big fan of mothers and mcquires but now im leaning back to TW. I will stick with Ice. Havent been able to find the tire and wheel cleaner, might have to look harder haha.

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