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  1. 4theluvofgold

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    Ok specs 89 GMC suburban 5.7l with the 700r4

    Well at first I thought the cable was just a kick down cable and was ready to try and turn the car over and do some driving. I busted the little cheap POS plastic end that hooks to my TBI when doing my head gasket job and taking the intake off. Well trying to get the new TV cable in is being a pain. I slip the eye over and then the slightest bump or wrong twist it is out again. I can't believe something this cheap and fragile is running this. I would expect better something to secure instead of a eye with just a hook that doesn't even have another 90 degree to secure it.

    Then figuring out adjusting it should be fun. All the videos online make it look so simple.... yeah it could be simple with everything out of the vehicle. I'm down to just hooking up this, bolt the exhaust back together and I can turn this over. It has been 5 months since it ran and I'm wanting to drive it asap. I'm tired of driving the Toyota around.
  2. Crawdaddy

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    What part are you having trouble with getting in, the transmission side or the throttle-body side? The transmission side can be a bit of a pain to get in, but if you pull the TV linkage out of the transmission slightly, you should be able to get the cable hooked. Adjusting the TV cable's actually easier than it seems in the manual, but it is CRUICIAL to get it adjusted right. Not getting it right means a cooked transmission. To adjust it, behind the bracket that holds the TV cable to the intake is a button you push, and simultaneously push the center plastic section back into the housing. Once you do this, simply fully open the throttle all the way by hand, and it's adjusted.
  3. 4theluvofgold

    4theluvofgold New Member

    Yeah the problem is Tranny side. I get it on there, I try to hold tension to it, but as I tighten the 10mm bolt It slips off the hook. I'm also wondering if the cable I got from Napa wasn't quite right. Seems too long But will see. I'm heading back out to try again.
  4. Crawdaddy

    Crawdaddy All hail the Mad King!! Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Do you have it attached at the TBI side yet? It was when I did mine and it probably created some tension on the cable to hold the hook on.
  5. 4theluvofgold

    4theluvofgold New Member

    I finally got it. It took over 10 hours. That is a messed up little contraption. I used some short little pliers that were actually cut short needle nose. I used my finger to spring it up and twisted my left arm all funky to hold the pliers while I pushed it on the hook all the way to the back. One fellow after I did it said to use a small piece of gum so it wouldn't just slip off. Said the gum wouldn't harm the tranny if it won't harm your teeth. And it would be such a small piece that I know bigger pieces of sludge are in that 89. Maybe next time (which I hope there isn't soon) I wish it had one extra bend in the hook so it wouldn't just slip so easy. A small angle, wouldn't have to be a 90 degree. Longest single project on my Suburban yet. Now it is time to hook the exhaust back up and try to fire it up.

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