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Discussion in 'Detailing & Truck Care' started by AMac, May 20, 2012.

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    I decided to try a new product yesterday, one that would allow me to shine my tires without leaving the wheels greasy. With some products I shine the tire and it oversprays onto the wheel and then when wiping, it leaves smear marks. I found a new product by TW, it’s their Platinum Series all-wheel cleaner. I had just cleaned the wheels the day before but wanted to clean the tires as well even though they too weren't that dirty, basically I wanted to try the new product. I applied the cleaner to the tires and rim then proceeded to rinse. After the tire dried it was extremely brown looking. I could tell that the cleaner was turning brown on the tire when I let it sit for almost a minute (as instructed) but expected it to go away after rinsing. The wheels came out awesome with a mirror like finish. I watched TW’s video on this product and they end the video before the tire dries. I also applied the cleaner in both shade and sunlight and got the same result, brown tires. Maybe the wax ingredient in the product turned the tires brown?

    So today I returned the all-wheel cleaner to turn it in for the chrome wheel cleaner which also has a barrier protectant.

    Both products were $5.97 ea. at Walmart All Wheel & Tire Cleaner-44-169.aspx
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    Thanks for the review. I have the same issue and saw the ads for TWs new all wheel cleaner. The only reason I hadn't bought it previously is because it's a spray-off, which I'm not fond of. I guess I'll keep with the Black Magic I'm using now. I spray a little on the tire and some on a sponge and wipe it onto the tire. I still get some on the rims, but not as bad as the spray cans which use foam and the wind blows all over the place. At the car washes they use paint brushes in a bucket, which is probably best, but it's hard to keep a bucket and brush around just for the tires.
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    Nice write up AMac. I use the Armor All foam stuff to dress my tires. I keep it off the rims by spraying on the outer edges of the tire and use a sponge that has hard plastic on one side for a handle that I use to spread the foam
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    I'm picturing the tool you use and think that I had one like that but sold it at my last yard sale...LOL
    i just use a microfiber cloth but I'll have to rethink using the sponge.

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