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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Rhyno37, Jun 28, 2011.

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    After a trip to 2 different Autozones I'm wondering if I even got the right ones.

    The first one I went to gave me 2 U joints for the from of my truck. I asked for one for the rear, they didnt have them in stock. So I went to a second autozone and asked for the rear. The guy knew no more than I did, and just went through the steps on the computer. He didn't know how long my wheelbase was, so he guessed and gave me one.

    So basically, I want to crosscheck with you guys to make sure I got the right parts.

    1) Do I need 2 U joints for my front end and 1 for the rear?

    2) The rear is a 2 link right?

    3) What is the wheel base for the rear? I think he gave me a 133 something
  2. Crispyt

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    To find out your wheel base take a tape messure and messure from the center of the hub on the front wheel to the rear one to the same place you messured in the front. So bascialy from the center of the wheel in the front to the senter of the wheel in the back and thats your wheel base. Usualy theres two u-joints on the driveshaft and I think theres 2 u-joints on each cv axel for the front. If you can take the old ones out and see if you can get a ride to the parts store or take a diff vehical. Im surprized that they couldnt help you more or know more. I work at an autozone and the fact that they couldnt just go out there and messure it for you seems unprofessional.

    Hope this helps a little good luck

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