UAW STRIKE! GM employees walk off the job

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    UAW Strikes on Missed Deadline With GM

    DETROIT — United Auto Workers union-represented employees walked off the job and organized pickets outside General Motors Corp. (GM) plants as the union called a national strike against the top U.S. automaker after marathon contract talks failed to produce a deal.

    The strike marked an unexpected twist after the negotiations seemed to have brought the two sides close to an historic deal that would allow GM to cut its $5 billion annual health-care bill.

    GM shares and bonds shot higher early Monday as investors anticipated the automaker would reach an accord with the UAW and avoid a disruptive work stoppage.

    News of the strike -- the first such UAW action against GM in almost a decade -- prompted GM shares to fall back from early highs. In early afternoon trading, the shares were up just 16 cents at $35.10.
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    UAW strike

    The UAW has to be realistic; GM has to have competitive cost structures, period. It makes me nauseous that Toyota is going to pass GM as the number 1 automaker.

    At the same time, GM has to raise the bar on product development and quality. EVERY new model should aim for "best in class." Anything less is not acceptable. The Corvette development model should be transported to every GM product.

    While improvements have been made, GM is not at the Asian level of quality. No excuse for that. And both management and workers share responsibility for that.

    BIGBEK New Member

    The UAW should have been dismantled by the government 25 yrs ago when it stopped helping the US auto worker and started hurting the big 3! All that it does now is help lazy 50 year old men hold onto jobs getting paid at least 3 times more than they should get paid! Anyone on this site that tells me some guy pushing a broom should get paid $30.00 an hour is crazy! That is like saying the guy asking you if you want fries with that getting paid $20 an hour in my book! I know by the next time I log on I will have a thousand hate reply postings from rednecks all over the country. Let me defend my comment just for a second because I really do not think I need to defend much! I have NEVER bought a car that wasn’t owned by an American company! All of you guys driving around in a new Dodge/Chrysler products remember not American for many years! I will NEVER own a car not owned by an American company. That is until the UAW forces the US auto manufacturers out of business and will have no option then to buy foreign! Anyone who does not believe that one of the big 3 could be out of business in the next 15 years needs to read some financial newspapers before even thinking about responding to me! Let’s also take in account that a Honda Civic now has more parts made in the US then a Ford Mustang! That makes me sick! The reason? The UAW! How do I know all of this you ask? I work for a company that sells hydraulic components that help in the manufacturing process of auto parts. I sell to US as well as foreign car manufacturers. You want to know what I see? I see brand new plants with state of the art machinery down in the southern states of the US. All foreign companies! That’s right! Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, all new plants! None tied into the same deals with the UAW that the US companies deal with. All of their workers are Young Americans happy they have a good job making a good wage! Then I go to Detroit and walk thru run down, filthy plants built around the time of World War II filled with old men standing around slacking! Trying to figure out how they can scam the system out of another hour of work or another vacation day! Toyota wanted to build a new plant in MI a few years ago but the UAW wouldn’t work with them so they ended up building the plant in Texas. That cost MI some 2500 jobs! Ask this question. Why is the US auto manufacturers sending business to Mexico but the Japanese guys are building plants in the US? It sure isn’t because they don’t like tacos! It is because they don’t have to deal with the UAW! If the big three and the US government would get together and tell the UAW it is time for them to go, re-structure the pay and benefits of the companies it would turn the American market around! Any worker who doesn’t like it can try to find a new job doing something else which we all know isn’t easy now a days! Hell they are probably not qualified to find work doing much else to begin with! Restructured employment would be able to free up money needed to improve facilities and possible even lower the prices of US cars! Think about this. Even before the Japanese companies really started building in the US how were their cars still cheaper than the US made ones? Walk into a Toyota or Honda dealer right now are they offering 0% financing? Are they willing to drop their prices like Chevy and Ford? NO! Why not? Because they do not have to do so! Get some pride American auto workers and put back some hard work and effort into making quality cars and maybe I will not have to tell my grand children one day that the US used to make cars but they all had to go out of business over laziness and greed! Let the hate begin I can take it!
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    I agree with both of the last posts.I saw a guy being interviewed on the news today lamenting the fact that there isn't the job security like in the old days and that GM wants to cut thier health care monkey thats bringing them down.Well guess what fella, if GM goes out of buisness what do you think happens to you?The foreign Companys building cars in the U.S. and thriving are doing so because they don't have all the baggage loaded on to the Big Three by the UAW.
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    I wonder if a little corporate laziness isn't partially to blame... I think the automakers take the easy path of "Don't spend the time and effort to recruit and train new workers with no union ties", and some states (Kansas not among them, thankfully) are not "right-to-work" states. Maybe some changes to the legal hurdles to open shop workplaces are overdue.
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    Well we just lost shift 1 car plant. There being told not to report to work.
    Sounds like the CAW is not far behind this disaster. We're out of parts already....
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    Sorry guys for not posting in a while (Been preparing for winter here on the farm) but I think that maybe I should set the record straight to those that think the UAW has run the American Auto manufacturers down.

    First of all read my signature if you are a new member.

    First of all it is not just about a 5 BILLION DOLLAR unfunded healthcare program that GM wants to dump on the UAW’s lap.

    It is about job security for the American Workers. The UAW wants to take over the unfunded healthcare program for retirees but they also want guaranties that GM will build new models here in the USA. So to those that think that this is just about one thing,


    First why is the retirees healthcare program not funded?

    Secondly why must you say that the workers at GM and Ford or Chrysler are lazy?

    If you have ever been in an Auto manufacturing plant any plant by any manufacturer you will see some people standing around, why you ask?

    Because some of those people are working secondary subassembly jobs, jobs off the main assembly line. They feed the main assembly line so naturally sometimes some of them who are good at there jobs can get ahead.

    Some are people with jobs like I had for years before I left, they are utility workers. People who are basically absentees who do the jobs of people who are out. They are not always on the line, some of them are doing what is called emergency brakes.

    If you have ever worked on an assembly line you know that you can’t just walk away to go to the bathroom. You have to call your Forman and have him find one of those workers, (who are just standing around).

    As far as GM loosing money this year, they lost money because of managements incompetence. They didn’t want to build more cars that were fuel efficient.

    When they were building and selling trucks and SUVs that were selling like hotcakes they were making money hand over fist. Now that gas prices have gone up again the lost money, they also lost money because they had to pay people to retire early. That cost them millions if not more, plus it put thousands of more UAW workers on the retirement bill.

    Why do you say that they are overpaid?

    If it were not for the UAW and other unions and the pay and benefits that they have gotten over the years you would all still be working for minimum wage, work 7 days a week 12 hours a day and have no overtime pay.

    They have help you get the wage and benefits that you are getting now.

    If it were not for them you would not have what you have now.

    By the way, Japanese auto workers in Japan are unionized, but not here in the USA. They refuse to follow our laws even here in our country at the plant they have built here.

    Hopefully I have enlightened a few people and not offended to many here.
  8. 84fiero123

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    To the Jamie,

    You may have lost one shift because of parts plants here in the USA on strike and they are shutting down one shift to keep that plant running, be it one shift, but still running. That way they can keep the plant running and not have to pay to heat and maintain an empty building.

    Some of the things in an Auto plant need to keep running or they need to be drained and shutdown, like the paint dip that all cars go threw to prevent rust.

    Welders, the machines, have gases that need to be shut off if the plant completely shuts down.

    There is more but right now I have to get a pig ready to go to the butcher.
  9. ChevyFan

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    I think all of these posts go to show that this is a complex situation, that's for sure. The concept of healthcare is a big issue and when you're competing against countries that provide services like this (out of higher taxes across the board) it's a huge piece of the puzzle.

    One local guy at the Arlington, TX GM plant was interviewed as he was leaving. He basicly said that there were no winners. He'd lose thousands and GM will lose millions. He just wants to get back and work.
  10. lead sled

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    UAW strike

    Really think that the UAW, and GM needs to take a hard look at the overall picture here. GM is in a global market and consumers have more choices than ever. Consumers now a days are smarter, better informed and do not hesitate to buy the best product no matter who makes it. They are not going to buy GM products just because GM built it. GM management the UAW and its workers need to understand this and start working together.

    This is by no means a simple problem with a simple solution. Hope that this issuse gets rosolved in a positive way. Don't think that GM can afford many more mistakes.

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