Uh oh another lead story Steve...

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    "Made In China" Curious George Products May Contain Dangerous Levels Of Lead

    He sure is cute but he might be toxic to your children.
    Marvel Enterprises Inc. has ceased shipments of its Chinese-made Curious George products to retailers and has said it will issue a recall if testing confirms allegations that the items contain illegally high amounts of lead.
    The Oakland-based Center for Environmental Health sent Marvel a legal notice Wednesday, contending it had purchased a Curious George doll that had 10 times the legal amount of lead at a Toys "R" Us store.
    Marvel spokesman David Collins said if the company's independent testing confirms those results, "we will move immediately to initiate a voluntary recall."
    Collins said the Curious George line accounts for about $6 million annually for a company that posts $350 million a year in revenue.
    Since August, Mattel has announced three separate recalls of some 21 million toys because of dangers to children from lead paint or from tiny magnets that can be harmful if swallowed.
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    darn, I don't wanna give up my curious george :lol: :rofl:

    time for China to GET THE LEAD OUT!!!!
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    i think china is trying to kill us all. toys=younger generation; the tires a little while back=older generation :glasses:
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