Ultima Diamond Plate Bed Tool Box

Discussion in 'General Classifieds' started by 06piney, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. 06piney

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    Im selling the bed box from my old ranger. I got it a few months befor my FORD died on me, and it dont fit in the new chevy.

    The box fits in smaller trucks S/10 etc. Ill try to put some pics up of it tomorrow.

    Looking around 300$ there is nothing changed in it besides two bolt holes drilled out when I installed it my truck.
    Mint condition.

    If you live locally and your interested, it would be much easier for someone to pick it up, but I will look into shipping locally.

    Post back or PM and let me know.
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  2. 06piney

    06piney Rockstar 100 Posts

    Here are some pics if anyone is interested.
    I want to sell this one quick so I can get a new box for my silverado, or a bed cover, havent decided yet.

    Make me an offer. The price is negotiable.

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  3. 06piney

    06piney Rockstar 100 Posts

    nobody needs a bed box??
  4. 06piney

    06piney Rockstar 100 Posts

    C'mon guys i really need to get this thing out of my basement!!
    And i need a little storage because the regular cab has NONE!!
  5. 06piney

    06piney Rockstar 100 Posts

    Still trying to sell this box......

    Noboday interested???
  6. 06piney

    06piney Rockstar 100 Posts

    still got the box if anyone is interested. i really need to sell it. i had an accident a few weeks ago and i need so $ to pay my deductable so i can get my truck fixed

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