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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by jdickerson83, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. jdickerson83

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    I've been pondering the thought of under vehicle lighting. Any success stories out there about installation? Who to purchase from? Etc?
  2. TRPLXL2

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    I have a set of StreetGlow Blue Series Neons under my S-10, and back when I bought them they were the the brightest tubes on the market. I have had them on there for 9 years through the winter time too, and I have never had any problems with them. I think I paid $199 for the kit back in 2001.

    I just ordered a set of Varad LED underbody's for trucks, the difference is they have longer tubes. Instead of 36" and 48" tubes which are really for cars this kit has 48" tubes and 72" inch tubes which are much nicer for a big truck. I bought it from Stylin Concepts for $279, it has multi function modes with wireless remote and over 3 million colors. I also bought the wheel well light kit to match as well, they are $250 for the set of four 12" tubes.

    If you really want a professional light show google UFO lighting, that is the absolute best kit on the market. It runs about $800 for four tubes and is completely blue tooth capable, and it also requires no hard wiring which is nice to have on a leased vehicle.

    Installation is easy for these light, the tubes themselves plug into each other to make it truly plug-n-play. You have to ground them really well, I have mine grounded through a hole in the frame. The hot wire has to be run to the battery for best results, and then you run your switch inside of the cab. I have done two sets already and getting ready to do the third set next summer, it is a nice upgrade I think! :glasses:
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    TRPLXL2 gave some great advise above. I would say get the bigger bars, because ive seen the smaller stuff under trucks and SUVs and it looks dumb cuz a) they sit higher up and dont look as bright and b) the bars are simply too small. look around on the internet for prices and quality of the product. and depending on where you live and how high your truck sits will determine if you can keep it on during the winter. ive had multiple friends put underbody kits on and then in the winter it gets ripped off or recked cuz of the snow.
  4. jdickerson83

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    I was looking into the LED's. Stylintruck.com is a site I use to do research and purchase aftermarket accessories. They have decent prices and a LOT of different items. I have a '94 Silverado w/ no lifts or anything. It seems as though the installation is easy enough. I am somewhat electronically and mechanically inclined so I'm sure it would be a pretty easy DIY project. Thanks for the winter tips too, I live in Indiana and we get hit pretty good from time to time plus I live in the country where snow plows don't come often so sometimes we have snow 6" or higher, which isn't real good for the underneath of a vehicle. Thanks for the advice.

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