Undercaot vs. Rear Whell House Liners

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Mr Dragon, Jan 5, 2010.

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    I had the guy who did my bedliner spray the top rail of the box, rocker panels and the wheel wells and it turned out real well, if not a bit expensive. I used an industrial type so I may have been expensive anyway. To answer your question, the benefit of the spray-on is no moisture between the liner and the metal but the surface is more coarse and therefore holds the mud and clay more than the smooth liner would. Just takes me a little more time washing.
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    I couldn't open the link so I'm not quite sure of what the question is.... I have the plastic wheel house liners and couldn't be happier! come spring after the winter snow and slush goes away I plan to pull them back out to check how/if they have worn the paint and I'd like to use some of that rubberized paint and then put them back in.

    I'll keep you updated but I have the rhino liner on the rocker pannels of my 95 jimmy and hated it, it was garbage and I'd never do it again
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    3M makes great undercoat I scuffed and sprayed my wheel wells they look great and I can always touch it up later
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    I had my 09 silverado undercoated by zibart, then I installed the wheel well liners on it. I don't know how much it will help in the long run..but the undercoating looks great, and so do the liners.
    Next summer I plan on removing the drop in GM bed liner and having Line X spray the bed, then reinstall the liner. I have seen many trucks come in on trade that just had the drop in liner in them and when we pulled it out they had worn off the paint under them from vibration and had started to rust.
    I agree the drop in is easier to clean and I already have it, so I will just put it back on top of the spray on. Then if I sell it I can pull the liner and the line x will still look brand new as will the bed.

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