Underhood light - best donor for transplant?

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    I realize this is an odd first post, but I'm not a GM truck owner today, so perhaps that will better frame the reason for my question.... It's been suggested to me that Chevy trucks have a switched light under the hood which could readily be retrofitted to another, non-original application. I've casually looked for such a light while doing some "junkyard touring", but I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for, which trucks might have such a light, and where it might be located. Can anyone shed some light on the topic? (pardon the pun) :lol:

    DPDISXR4Ti New Member

    No ideas??? :)
  3. 5speedsilverado

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    idk about a housing, but you might be able to use this and stick it on the hood, i was thinking about putting some in my glove box for light also
  4. 5speedsilverado

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  5. zubbiez

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    in a early 90s silverado my brother had there was a hand cranked swicthed lite you could pull on it and it had about six feet of wire inside of it so you could move the lite around. and then you use the hand crank to reel in the wire when your done. Its on the passenger side fender I actually removed his when he sold the truck and put it in my truck. Im sure thats what your looking for. just start looking in the older trucks at the salvage yard youll know once you see it
  6. zubbiez

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    Heres a pic

    this ones mounted on the hood but its the same one I was talking about

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    My '94 has two. One that mounts to the underside of the hood and turns on when it's lifted up, and another that mounts to the passenger side of the engine bay. The one that mounts to the engine bay can be disconnected (that's actually when it turns on too) and you can reel out the cord so you can see stuff everywhere. Very handy little light, just be careful, that bulb gets REALLY hot.
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    Zubbiez and ct9a have the right idea. That would probably be the optimum light to install under the hood. While I've never reeeled mine out for fear of it never reeling back in (it IS 18 years old :rofl:) It would be the best under-hood light GM made. They have a manual switch usually that you have to flip to turn it on, which is usually good. You just have to have the spot where the light's located memorized so you can flip the switch on the unit to turn it on.
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    and this is # 2
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    My '01 SHD2500 had one under the hood. I wound up removing it because it never worked right. On one of my old cars I took a spare driving light, soldered on some 12 gauge speaker wire & clamps & whenever i needed a light under hood at night, I'd just whip it out & hook it up.

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