Underover releases tonneau for NBS 07's

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    Just figured I would give a heads up to anyone with a NBS 07 Silverado or Sierra that Undercover has just released a couple new hard tonneaus for them.

    Short Bed( 5' - Crew Cabs ) = Part#1060
    Standard Bed( 6' - EC & RC ) = Part#1070

    Nothing for long beds yet.

    The info is not on their web site yet and many dealers may not realize it yet either. I had asked if I could be put on the notification list when they were released and they did. Got the notice last night. One thing I really like is it appears from the photo they designed them to work with the spoiler type of tailgate cap. On my 05 I had to pull the spoiler type and install a traditional flat one. Probably because they had already made the tonneaus to fit since the NBS 99+ models came out and the spoiler tailgate cap wasn't introduced until later models. PITA however swapping them over! That looks like the spoiler type to me in the photo on the ad. :cool:



    UNDERCOVER announces the release of the 2007 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab and Short Bed

    Model Number 1060
    Chevy Crew Cab, 5.5ft Bed

    Model Number 1070
    Chevy Short Bed, 6.0ft Bed

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