Universal Joint replacement for 03 silverado

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by castor, Jul 24, 2011.

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    Hey guys and gals, hope this isnt already posted elsewhere ( i didnt look to hard), but I just replaced the U-Joints on my 03 1500. Went to autozone and got the parts the first time and had to go back to get the RIGHT ones the second time. Anyway if you have never done this dont feel bad neither had I. My wifes uncle did mine and I watched and I have to say it really isnt that hard of a job. If you have a Haynes or Chiltons it will literally walk you all the way through it.

    I had all the usual warning signs a fast squeak that got faster the faster I went and a vibration, so I was pretty sure the Ujoints were the culprits. Anyway, he and I couldve had it done inside of an hour had I not had to go back to Autozone.

    1. The 03 model uses 2 different u joints (which I didnt know until we got into the job), so to avoid the same confusion and the second trip to autozone, I thought I would list the part numbers autozone goes by:

    2-4800DG (Front)
    2-1569DG (Rear)

    Cant remember individual pricing, but you can spend a few bucks more and get the lifetime warranty which I did.

    One other thing, since you have to pull the driveshaft, you may as well replace both at the same time. My rear one was squeaking and when we took the front one out one end had lost most of the bearings, so you will be time and money ahead to just do them both at once.

    Hope this helps,

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    Good post man. I did my 02s joints last month. The autozone guy gave me the wrong ones too. Finally got it figured out. These part numbers would have helped immensely!
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    whenever possible try to take your worn parts with you, when I did mine everything went fine at the parts store. I don't understand how they could give wrong universals, weird!

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