unusual question about an 82 3/4 ton 2wd truck

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by shuttlefever, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. shuttlefever

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    Hey all, I recently acquired a beautiful 3/4 ton camper special from my parents. They purchased it new and I helped with a lot of the upkeep and modifications done to it. I would really like to lower this truck. I want to make it a toy truck and less of a tow rig. It is absolutely immaculate but not useful to me as it is. Would it do me any good to try to convert it to a 1/2 ton front end? or should I drop it with the stock suspension? Does anyone know if anyone builds drop spindles for a 3/4 ton? I can fab brackets for air bags easily and I am sure I could come up with some kind of decent shock dimensions. Second question is does anyone know if there is a site that shows the difference between wheel base between short box and long. I would like to know bed dimensions as well. I have some fun plans for this truck! Its always good to have a big block to play with!!!! Thanks for any help!! D~
  2. tbplus10

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    If you decide to change wheels you might have to swap in 1/2 ton components since choices for 3/4 and 1 ton wheels are slim.
    Every square body dually Ive seen dropped has been on bags. I know theres bag kits for that model truck, I doubt theres any spring kits.
    But If your not gonna tow anymore going to air might be better, itll give a better ride, those trucks always rode better with weight in them.
    Bed sizes were 6' and 8', the added 2' was between the cab and the rear wheels, the bed rear section/overhang remained the same for both models.
  3. shuttlefever

    shuttlefever New Member

    thanks! any idea if the 1/2 ton front components are compatible with the 3/4 ton frame?? mainly looking at the front crossmember and upper control arm mount points.

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    did some digging. found out the c10 and c20 share dimensions for most points. the one measurement i can't seem to find is if the frame is the same height. anyone know of any resources with these dimensions?
  4. grampy

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    I'll toss out a couple of thoughts, of course, personal opinion and worth about $.02. I'd consider retaining your 3/4 ton components except for the springs. (I'm assuming your truck is a C-20 and not a dually). The 3/4 ton has a lot larger brakes, if they are in good shape they will be all you would need for a lightly loaded street truck. Your truck probably has the big 14 bolt rear end - nearly "bullet proof" even with a big block. It would be a big expense to put in a lighter weight but strong enough diff. to handle the torque of a big block. Of course there's down sides - higher unsprung weight & wheel availability. As for springs - the idea of air bags for the front sounds great. The rears - well, given the good interchangability of that series trucks, maybe the rears from a 1/2 ton sub. would fit ??? That would bring the rear down a lot and fix the ride. To bring the truck down some more, there are lots of low profile 16,17 &18 tires available. Personal opinion again - I don't like the looks of the "square body's" when "slammed", brought down some, they look great. Good luck with your project ! Ken
  5. shuttlefever

    shuttlefever New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions! I was actually thinking about running the 3/4 ton gear anyway. I am leaning toward a set of drop spindles in the front and possibly a four link in the rear or at least re locating the springs to the inboard side of the spring so larger tires can be used in the rear. I think the biggest issue at this point is to find eight lug wheels that can be built to oddball offset. With the big block in this truck it should be a really fun drive!!! D~

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