Update on First 'Burb, haven't been on in a while.

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    Meant to post this about 6 months ago, but things have been kinda crazy. Bought my first Suburban back in Feb, an '88 4x4 with 110k, & REALLY worn out Cooper Discoverers for $2500. Shortly afterwards, a cousin of mine that I didn't even remember found me on Facebook, & shortly thereafter I had a road trip planned from Tulsa Oklahoma, to South Central Idaho. As things worked out, my Mom was spending the summer in Southern Utah, so not TOO far off the track to make a stop in there.

    Lucked out & found a brand new set of 32 x 10.50 x 15's to replace the balding & vibrating the hell out of me 33 X 12.50 X15's that were on it for $400 on Craigslist. Did an oil change, loaded it down & we were off. Meant to do a complete tune up, but just didn't have the cash, & it was running great at the time anyway. Left Tulsa, made it to Cheyenne Wyoming the first night. Only hiccup out of the truck other than I found out that driving one of these boxy body style trucks through the plains can REALLY make for a strenuous day was the fact that apparently the speedo gear or cable reached a point in the wearing right about Denver that it was making the speedometer bounce pretty hard, & therefore the cruise was surging pretty hard. Ok, disengaged the cruise, no more problems.

    2nd day, drove from Cheyenne Wyoming, to Rock Springs Wyoming, filled up the tank to brimming, stretched the legs, & pushed on. While there were some other leg stretching stops, this was the LAST fuel stop before reaching Carey Idaho. While it does have the 40 gal tank, it's still a SUBURBAN, and from what I'd heard about the mileage on these things, I was amazed at the range. We still had enough gas to drive around quite a bit & only had to fill up the day before leaving for the return trip.

    On the way back, we detoured to Beaver Utah to see Mom camped out on the side of a mountain, or should I say a shelf on a friggin CLIFF! Wow that was a long way down, & with children along for the trip (1, 2, & 9) can you say I could've used a Valium or something stronger???? Took a nice tour of the mountains, of course in the Burban, where else were we gonna put Mom, her B/F, me, wifey, & 3 kids? Has anybody noticed the ROOM in these things? lol. Most of the route along the tour was goat trails that 50 or 60 yrs ago used to be logging roads, & I'm thinking: "ok, this is a helluva truck, it's gotten us this far, but aren't we pushing our luck a bit boondockin 800 miles from home?". To make matters worse, I'd let Mom drive seeing as how she knew the roads & I didn't; unfortunately by the time we got back to camp, I thought we were in real trouble. On the way back down the mountain, she preferred the brakes to gearing down, & I thought for sure from the smell that the brakes were fried. Oh, me of little faith.

    Left that Afternoon, drove to Grand Junction Colorado without incident. Stopped the next night in some hole in the wall Kansas town that I don't even remember the name of. Made it home the next afternoon.

    Long story short, made a trip about 3000 miles long give or take a few hundred in a 22 yr old used truck I'd only bought 4 months before, & hadn't done ANYTHING to other than an oil change & a tire change. Had a grand total of 2 problems with it the entire trip. 1: The afore mentioned speedometer bounce that the worst effect of was making the cruise unusable, and 2: The truck did NOT like the uphill grades in the Rockies. I could've probably pushed it harder & made it go a bit faster, but it was 22 yrs old! I just turned my hazards on, & chugged on up. The biggest problem it had was between Grand Junction & Pueblo, where I had to downshift from OD to D, & still had it danged near on the floor pulling about 30 to 35 MPH up the hill. In the old beasts defense though, about the only things passing us were the little rice burners. If Chevy still made em like that, they wouldn't have NEEDED bailout money.

    This winter we had only the 2nd recorded blizzard in OK history (depending on the news station, some say it's the 3rd). Been driving around in this stuff now since Christmas Eve, and haven't had a lick of trouble from it. I REALLY thought I was gonna get stuck one time when I ran over a curb that was snow covered & I didn't see. I stopped, thought: "Oh, crap", & eased down on the throttle. Climbed right out of it, like it was nothing. Have pulled SEVERAL people out, had $40 insistently given to me, (I tried to turn it down, I'm not a tow truck driver, was just trying to help), just overall have been absolutely IMPRESSED by this truck. If it ever dies on me, I will find another.

    So far, here it is December, STILL haven't had the time or money to do the proper tune up that I want to, and haven't done a THING to this truck other than charge the a/c, tires, Oil Change, and replaced the fuel pump, and the front headliner. So help me, if I EVER have to change the fuel pump again I'm just gonna roll the carpet back in the cargo section & cut a hole in the floor! They don't leave ANY slack in those danged gas tank straps! lol.

    Think I need to evac the a/c & charge it again, because I don't think we got quite enough of a vacum pulled on the system the first time. The pump makes kind of a cavitating/groaning noise at idle, but still blows cold. The rear unit didn't blow cold at first, possibly a clog or stuck valve, but after using it sparingly during the trip and the rest of the summer, it's started working as well.

    Thanks for the welcome & support I got from this site when I first got this truck, meant to keep y'all updated more often, but just flat been busy. Overall, I can see now why there are sites & forums dedicated to these GREAT trucks! When I bought it, I didn't really want it, & mainly bought it out of desperation for a vehicle & they had a great price tag on it for the shape it was in. ABSOLUTELY the best truck I've ever HAD! Knocked my '65 C-10 off the top of the list.
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    Hard to beat a "good old Chevy"! Lots of Sub's on the site, so it looks like yours fits right in. Happy New Year!
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    Just bought my second Burb and couldn't agree more! A nice change from the more modern stuff....and no payment book.
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    I'm glad to hear that you had a great trip in that beast. I will own something like that in the future as a father-son thing, when I do have a son.

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