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Discussion in 'Announcements & Feedback' started by ChevyFan, May 29, 2012.

  1. SurrealOne

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    It's a privacy issue the same way that where you go in your vehicle is also publicly available information ... but a third party slapping a gps device on your car and tracking everywhere it goes publicly (and how long it spends where) and then aggregating that information for someone to easily read ... crosses the line into invasion of your privacy. i.e. Making publicly available information available in aggregate, easy-to consume forms can (and often does, these days) cross the line; there's litigation on this topic, already, in a number of real world cases. (Not a threat, just a statement of fact.)

    I don't think anyone has a problem with the information, itself; I feel the problem is its new presentation. The data is now aggregated and slapped on people's profiles ... with no control of who can see it in that location like the other tabs in that location are able to be controlled. To wit, there are a number of privacy options we can set to control what tabs are seen on our profiles ... and by whom (using the 'profile privacy' settings). Shouldn't this tab be as controllable as the others in terms of profile privacy settings? Why isn't it? What harm is there in making it as controllable as the others, especially if it puts your userbase at ease?

    After you pare down/eliminate the friends' posts that are included you effectively have something that duplicates the 'find latest posts' link ... so I'm not sure of the value of the additional tab, anyway. At least that link isn't a tab that people see on your profile, but it's one click away from people using it. That's one click of obfuscation; it's not much but it helps.

    Again, presentation of the information seems to be the issue, not the data, itself. It's called 'My Profile' for a reason and people think of profiles as 'theirs'. Adding options to profiles that people can't control ... just raises hairs on people's necks.
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  2. ChevyFan

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    Let's take this to a private message, many users don't understand things to your level. I think some of these changes need to be made as well, I want to make certain we're talking about the same things.
  3. ChevyFan

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    Just an update - there is no way to turn off the activity stream, it came automatically with the last patch/version update of this software program. There is however, a big movement to allow the stream to be turned off in different places in the system. They did not put that into the system and I think that was a major oversight. I'm going to add my input to the software vendor's discussion area and get this thing turned around hopefully by the next software release.
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    Thanks for running it up the flag pole.
  5. ChevyFan

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    I'm going to look (probably later today) at either cutting this out of the templates (which might be very hard to do) or rolling back to the previous version (which I'm not sure if I can do either) ... but there was a security hole in the last version so I'm a little nervous about doing that. Either way, I do like the concept of this activity stream, but I agree that it's very odd to see that displayed in the way that it is on each member's user profile.
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    Thanks for working on this and keeping us in the loop. I appreciate all the work you contribute to keep the forum in the shape of the member's likes.
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    :glasses:I guess I have missed a lot in the past few weeks, It sorta sucks when the real world gets in the way of our online life....
    but it is what it is.... not much we can do,,, but go with it.....
    I went to my profile page today and noticed that it is full of other folks posts and activity, this was strange, and i am guessing that this is what this thread is about.... the other thing i found was my profile page has been reset to the regular Plain page, with no active buttons to customize it back to where i once had it..?
    I am just wondering if the other folks activity will be remaining on my page? As I am not a fan of reading others activity on my profile page, i would rather read it in the forums....and will we be able to once again customize our profile page? being a a unique individual and a mod monster, having a plain old profile page is much like driving a ford 150.... nothing wrong with a ford 150 or plain profile page... but would like something other then
    Thanks in advance for answering these two very insignificant questions from my online world......
  8. SurrealOne

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    Mine's toast, too ... I'd like that look restored, if possible ... for the same reasons you do!
  9. ChevyFan

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    There was a security hole in the customizations system that they had and spammers were creating custom stuff so they suggest to turn it off for now until they can fix it.
  10. SurrealOne

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    Thanks for the heads-up.

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