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  1. jbaniaga

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    Hello all.

    I have read through just about all the pages asking for technical support and have seen a pattern.

    NO UPDATES!!!!!

    PLEASE post up what was done with your TB to resolve your posted issue.

    I still haven't taken mine into the dealer to get it looked at.....but here are my issues:

    1: Fuel Gauge needle will not rise above empty.

    Possible fix: New fuel sensor located inside fuel tank.

    2: High pitched whining noise coming from engine compartment.

    Possible fix: UNKNOWN
  2. GaryL

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    For the whine, remove the belt and start it for just a minute to see if the sound goes away. If so, start turning each pulley/idler by hand to see which one is making noise. If the sound is still there, it's in the engine or a vacuum leak.

    And I agree, updates need to be posted.
  3. jbaniaga

    jbaniaga New Member

    Thanks GrayL.

    I took a quick look at it the other day and did notice that it was coming from the belt/pulley areas. As a matter of fact, one of the pullys looked wobbly or loose. (Main pulley at bottom-center)

    Now what can be the possible fixes if I find that it is one of the pulleys?

    Thanks again.
  4. GaryL

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    If is one of the idler pulleys or one of the accessories (alternator, water pump, etc.), you will probably have to replace it. If it is the main crank pulley, you need to find out why it is wobbling. Is the pulley loose or has the harmonic balancer started to fail? Take a good look at it and see if you can find out for sure.
  5. jbaniaga

    jbaniaga New Member


    First off I have to compliment the staff at Power Chevrolet of Irvine (California). I had an appointment and was treated with nothing but the best customer service. I dropped my car off at noon. They took it to get it looked at by 12:30PM, and was told of the problem(s) by 1:30PM. I okayed the work to be done (cause it had to be fixed) and my car was ready by 3:45PM.

    Okay, now that that is over with, here were the problem(s):

    Like previously stated; the high pitched whining noise (at all speeds with no loss of power) was due to a bad IDLER PULLEY.

    The constant "empty" gas tank notifier (even though I would fill it up) was due to a bad FUEL SENSOR located in the gas tank.

    Unfortunately I cannot say how much I paid due to my girlfriend working for Power Auto Group in the Corporate office. BUT, I was told the cost to repair the Idler pulley would have run me $400-600 and the fuel sensor around $150, totalling $550-750.

    Thank to everyone who have updated their similar problems as well as assisted me with diagnosing the problem.

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