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Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by Pikey, Oct 9, 2013.

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    Hi, I am looking at upgrading my headlight harness to one the connects directly to the battery and uses the oem harness as the trigger for a relay. This is where my issue is. I have an 2005 yukon xl, I installed OEM denali projector housings in my truck. All of the 00-2006 fullsize trucks came with the connecter on the factory wiring harness for a 9006 low beam bulb (even the denali). The denali housings use a 9005 low beam bulb, so what GM did was make an adapter that has a female 9006 connector (for the power to the headlights) and a male 9005 connector to plug into the bulbs. So, If I buy the 9006 upgrade harness then I still use the OEM adapter to the 9005 bulb, which is a very very thin wire. If I buy the 9005 upgrade harness then I have an issue plugging the new upgraded harness into the oem supplied headlight harness. Suggestions???? I have been talking with Mike at longshot lighting about it and he has been super helpful, I am still waiting for a reply about this because I just realized the issue. Thanks Guys

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