Upgrading - which radios fit?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by macs98burb, Aug 31, 2007.

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    2000 GMC Yukon - wanting to upgrade the CD/Radio unit with something from a newer GMC/Chevy - thinking about a 6-CD unit. I need to know if this is something I can handle myself and what years will fit. I see several units being sold on Ebay and other online stores, but I am afraid of buying something that will not fit or work with my SUV. Thanks!
  2. Rumpamuro

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    heres some pointers,

    -Make sure you dont buy a radio 2003+
    -When you do buy a radio, make sure the connectors are the same.
    -After connecting it and it doesnt work, dont forget 90 percent of the time the dealer has to program it!
    -Some radios control abs, airbags, etc ..does yours? does the one your replacing it with do the same thing?
    -For a really good match up, go to your local best buy and search the shelves for your radio harness adapter, check the side and 99 percent of the vehicles listed radios will work on your truck.

    At the end, is it really worth it?
    to some yes, others no, why do that instead of getting a new aftermarket radio?
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    99-05 ... i have the 6 cd unit myself in my 04 tahoe that came from a 02 yukon thats funny lol
    it's a double Din unit and the ones on ebay usually would come unlocked. BUT 03+ you will have to have it programmed to your VIN and it is a trip to the stealership. Also dont go to worst buy they do not sell oem harness's only aftermarket . you shouldnt need one anyways.

    as for the install it's an easy one just three screws holding in the unit plug it in and good to go . the bezel just pops off
  4. TahoeFever

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    By any chance do you work for the geek squad ?

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