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    Just in case anyone has an android based phone it will work perfectly with the USB interface in the newer trucks with USB ports. You have to disable usb debugging and set the phone to connect as a data drive. Works just like a USB stick. If you are paired with bluetooth it works fine as well muting the radio and taking the call.
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    Thanks for the info. :glasses:
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    Nexus One Car Dock Installed

    Nice, thx for the info. I'm using the car dock with my N1. Since I have a shell, I pulled the rear view mirror and trial mounted it where it would be out of direct sunlight and within arms length. The dock has a built in speaker for h/f and music playback. The mini-usb plugs into the base near the suction cup and the power is supplied to charge the phone's battery. With the "car home" app, I can voice dial, or say a command like "nearby gas stations" I'm going to try several other mounting locations to see what is optimal.

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