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    Most of you have noticed that we have restructeded the way that forums look on the site. This is to help drive people toward the truck and suv content that made the site great in the first place. The social and community forums have been moved down below, but they are not forgotten. We are in the middle of merging and reformatting how all of these fit together.

    Updated User Guidelines & New Moderator Focus
    Also, we have totally re-done the moderator rules and guidelines and are in the middle of re-doing the user guidelines as well on the site. Starting now, we're going to move back to what we once were ... a helpful and friendly place for vehicle-related information first, a family-friendly PG-13 content site with a slight edge, and a fun place to meet other enthusiasts of like mind.

    We Need to Keep Threads on Topic
    So, we're getting back to being a moderator-driven community with the focus on these elements and we will quickly remove any objectionale content on the site, and also quickly will remove unrelated content from threads in which is does not belong or disrupts the flow of the thread as a whole.

    This means that if someone posts a questions on a battery, or tire pressure, or anything ... and you post a reply with a joke or funny story or a comment about how the moderators are heavy-handed ... you will get a warning. If you keep it up and start to attack the moderators and make a federal case out of it, then you're going to get a lifetime ban instantly. We are having a MAJOR problem with threads dying very early with very little useful content because someone asks a serious question, followed up a reply from someone with an off-topic comment and a picture of a kitten.

    We're Not Heavy Handed
    Making a mistake or getting hot-headed every once in a while is human, but we're not going to allow flaming or the moderators actions to be called into question when their task is simply to keep the peace and to keep the flow of content moving in the way that it always has before.

    So, the morale of the story? Be a good member, have fun and try to help keep threads on topic. If some content gets in that's off-topic, not a big deal, but if a lot of content threads get hijacked we're going to ask you to stop. If you throw a fit and attack a moderator ... you're gone. We'll even ban all of the IP addresses that you've ever logged in from.
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