Users with some miles on GY DuraTrac tires opinions?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by RMC_SS_LDO, Dec 9, 2010.


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    I have narrowed my tire search down to the GY DutaTrac tires, specifically the 275/70/18 version on a NNBS (2010 LTZ) Z71 with a 2" Rough Country leveling kit.

    My questions are mainly how have they held up and how do they really compare to the stockers (Bridgestone Dueler). I have a bunch more miles on the OEM BS tires on our Tahoe and convinced they are pretty much crap for wear, grip, looks and noise.

    My goal is to go with a taller tire (33" or more) that will give a little height to the truck and an aggressive tire, but I am concerned about them rubbing, wear, noise and grip. This is not for off-roading (maybe 20% total) and will be primarily hwy use with some winter weather thrown at it.



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    Allen, I have had my DuraTrac's for almost 20k miles and they are doing awesome. I am running the stock size 265/70 17 with a 2.25" level kit. Going from the stock GY Wrangler AT/S (crap tires) I noticed that the DuraTrac's seemed a bit larger for the same size. I have a 30 mile one way commute 5 days a week and I travel back winding country roads at 50mph. These tires are great on road and even on wet roads. Off road, I have never owned a better A/T tire. Sand, clay and loose gravel the dig till they find grip. The only negitive I can find with these tires is the lack of self cleaning they do in reverse.

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