Using a Power washer?

Discussion in 'Detailing & Truck Care' started by Curky, May 17, 2012.

  1. Curky

    Curky Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I am getting a 2700psi Honda motor power washer. Years ago I used to power wash houses and decks, so I am not new at using them. My question is how bad will it be to power wash my truck? It has the soap tube as well. Obviously I would user the widest tip and keep a distance. What do you think?
  2. Salesguy1980

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    Most drive in car washes have pressure washers for use, I would be careful about direct pressure on paint but should be fine on under carriage, tires, most wheels and bumpers. I personally go to Russell Speeders carwash and for $16 I have about 15 workers, all very friendly and professional hand wash, dry, vacuum, windows and dress the tires. If I were to do this at home i would spend a good hour at least so worth the money and done in 15 minutes usually
  3. ChevyFan

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    I damaged the custom paint on my '62 years ago with a power sprayer. It's fine for new paint, but if you get a rock chip on there, the water pressure will get underneath and make the paint chip off if you have pressure that's too high. There's a difference between a car wash sprayer and a deck sprayer I think.
  4. Pikey

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    I would be careful. Use the widest tip you have and dial down the pressure. Most people just run them on full pressure and never turn the knob to lower the pressure. Like Steve said it will peel the paint around a chip. I was a bricklayer and we used one like that. Occasionally we would have to spray off a car that we got dirty. I have seen guys blow the glass right off the side view mirrors.
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  5. Curky

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    I did some research. A car wash power washer uses 1000psi -1200psi. What I have found out is that people use the 40 degree tip and the soap tip with no problems. I will buy the adjustable tip for $12.00 and they have something that makes pressure adjustable for $20. I can’t pass up a free brand new power washer. All I have to do is pressure wash his house, deck and stain his deck. Then I can make a couple extra bucks from the neighbors. That is the mane reason for getting it. I was hoping to just get a plus.

    Thank You everyone!
    Nice to get options on things, so you can keep them Coming.

  6. moogvo

    moogvo Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I would get it, but I wouldn't use it on my vehicles. But then again, I only use soap 1 out of every 4 washes.
  7. mkballance

    mkballance New Member

    I have an excel 2000 psi pressure washer. I use a wide fan spray to wash my 2010 Silverado (one of the nozzles you can buy color coded-I think it is yellow). I like it as it gets the dirt out of the door jams, hood-fender clearence etc. I stay about 1-2 ft away with the nozzle and it does great. I used it on my 1996 Saturn for years, and after 16 yrs, the paint looked new.

  8. Curky

    Curky Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I did use it. It was fine. I stayed away. I did get all the dirt and salt from underneath. I still had to wash by hand; it left a lot of spots. I did get all the tar off from all the darn road work going on. I will use it to get the hard stuff off. Thank you everyone.

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