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  1. Jimbo3

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    I had a pioneer dvd player put in my truck, but they weren't able to use the factory satellite radio antenna... Is there a way I can use that instead of having 2 satellite radio antennas on my truck? If so, where is the wire for the factory antenna so I can splice it.
    2006 silverado ext cab lt3
  2. Dr Len

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    I know there is a adaptor cable for that. Do a search. You'll find it.
  3. Jimbo3

    Jimbo3 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I found it, the satellite receiver is behind the glove box.
  4. Phooey

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    All the shark fin antennas have three wires coming out of them. There is a plug right over your head, with less than one foot of lead from the antenna. This is the way it's assembled, and nessesary to un-plug for paint or antenna replacement. I assume that one wire is Onstar, one XM, and the third is possibly Nav. If you find an adaptor plug, please post. I want to use that antenna for my portable/MP3 XM unit.

    I think this is it, or close to it, there are a few options:
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