v6 problem ~ Won't Start in Damp Weather - 1999 Chevy Silverado 4WD

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    The 99"-02" NBS with a V-6 Engine.....the Engines do Have a Distributor Cap.

    Chevy 1999-2002 CK1 (03-53), Engine ASM-4.3L V6, Part 5, Manifold & Fuel Related Parts (L35/4.3W


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  2. the phantom

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    This definitely sounds like cap and rotor.. No water needs to be present for this to be the problem Just moisture in the air and a hairline crack(that you may not even beable to see)can cause problems with it.. Heres how to tell if this is what it is..
    On a day it wont start... take a hair dryer out and let it hit the cap for about 5-10 minutes. be sure its not too close to burn it obviously and then try and start it.. If it starts you will know what to replace.. I can almost say with 85% certainty that this is your problem.

    my girlfriend had a 99 jimmy that I kept hitting with the hair dryer every time it rained to start it until she had the money for the cap and rotor. Same engine 4.3liter v6
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  3. j cat

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    v6 has cap/rotor/long spark plug wires. I looked this up to refresh myself on this one. GM put the ac line over the distributor cap then it drips on the cap.. TSB about this.
  4. Pikey

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    Not on the V6
  5. Conlan Rose

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    Yah the 99-02 4.3L V6 is a carry over from the OBS trucks.
  6. WorthFlorida

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    This is a classic ignition wire problem. The insulation of the wires break down and in damp weather they absorb moisture. The tell tail sign is on cranking or running, you'll see sparks all along the wire hitting ground.

    I had a 2002 Astro with the 4.3L and around 105,000 I decided to have the wires, rotor and spark plugs replaced. The mechanic noticed that the ignition coil was going bad where you were able to see the burn marks near the wire. If you changing wires it also is a good idea to replace the coil.
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  7. the phantom

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    Any solution to this?? Just curious if any of the clubs suggestions solved your problem.
  8. j cat

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    I would remove the distributor cap look for arcing and carbon tracks.
  9. redvett

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    GM V6 4.3L engines had a distributor until 2014 M/Y when the "LS" 4.3L came into production it also went Dis. less.
    Yes the rotor & cap are usually the problem.


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