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    I own a 2001 yukon that I bought in 2006 from GMC dealership. This truck is mint condition, I bought it as it was a trade in from the original owner who bought it from the same selling dealership. I have had nothing but good times with this truck for me and my wife and 3 kids. I have kept this truck in mint condition, washed and waxed regualry, 20' wheels, hid lights, upgraded the sound system.

    Well about 2 months ago we took a trip to orlando to visit the inlaws, it about a 3 hour drive for us. As w ewhere driving I started to notice the kids having a slight cough (kids ages 5,3, 1 1/2) so we get to the inlaws and my mother in law is all over my case as to why we came up when the kids are sick and coughing, we explained that we where fine before we left. So thinking maybe I need to replace the a/c cabin filter and clean out the evaperator i went ahead and did that. Although I keep this truck well maintaned and always replace filter every 5-7000 miles.

    Well come to find out that the roof rack on my truck has created rust holes on the roof, water has eneterd the truck and just soaked the carpets causing mildew and mold explaining the coughing and getting sick. I had removed the roof rack and was devestated by the damage. This is truly a factory defect, the steel nuts that secure the roof rack to the roof just rusted away causing quater size holes in the roof.

    I have spoken to GMC who claim that this truck is to old and out of warranty, they do not want to hear about it and told me that casue I live in south florida it rains salt water, the they also say cause my truck is nt garaged kept. Can you beleive this ****? At first they told me to take it to a dealership to have it diagnosed, the dealership manger could not beleive the damage and even said what a well taked care of truck, he clearly stated this was due to the roof rack, besides my 5 year old son can tell you that. But GMC continues to deny my claim, the roof is so damaged that it needs replacment at a sum of 3,000. let alone all the damage to the carpets and fuse box as well as he abs module.

    Wouldnt you think a truck would last more that 8 years, and lookn at the rust it is clear that this has been rusting for years, but do to it being hidden on the roof rack i couldnt see it. I am urging you to unscrew you roof rack with a t-30 torx and ispect for rust before you run out f the 6 year or 100,000 miles warranty, cause these trucks clearly wont last any longer. It is funny how my 95 yukon that I bought 4 years ago from a gilr from detroit has no rust. Yet my 2001 is rotting away, I guess that is a prime example of saying I guess they dont build them like they use to.

    I am enclosing some pics so you can see the damage and you can clearly see where the rust began, also note the shine on my roof. When I wash and wax i even get the roof. this is incredible how GMC will not do anything about it, you would think that they wouldnt want this to get out, yet they denied me. they tell me its time i take responsibility for my own truck. I am warning other gm owners to just ck and ake sure your truck is ok.

    Heree is acopy of the GMC warranty right off of their website, note how they do not recomend any rust-inhabiting material, when i questioned Mr frank Anderson (GM district specailist) He told me well gmc also doesnt recomend you drive your truck off of a cliff.

    Covered for six years/100,000 miles*

    Corrosion Protection

    GMC vehicles are designed and built to resist corrosion. All body and sheet metal components are warranted against rust-through corrosion for six years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Application of additional rust-inhibiting materials is not required under the corrosion coverage and none is recommended. See your GMC dealer for terms of this limited warranty.

    Guys and gals, tell me what you think, is this fair? I cant afford to just go out and buy another suv. I cant afford to just dump thousands into this truck due to a factory defect. What would you do???? [​IMG][​IMG]




  2. mercedesdoc

    mercedesdoc New Member

    So my question is, Am i wrong to be pissed and demand something to be done.
  3. Mean_Green_95

    Mean_Green_95 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    hell no your not wrong! I think you should consider a lawyer for this one!
  4. ChevyFan

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    Hmm, why is it on that one that went out? ( I assume it was only one side..??) Was there any damage to the roof rack, like was it driven into something like a low-overhang or was too much weight put on it perhaps? .... I've never heard of something like this happening before and if they used the same bolts all around why was it just one side that rusted out?

    update ... I looked at the photos again and are three of the four rusted out?
  5. mercedesdoc

    mercedesdoc New Member

    both side are rusted out. No I did not hit anything like a low overhang. I have never put anything on that roof except a chamois to dry it and wax to protect it. Clearly the pictures proves that!!!!!!!!!!

    Boy you sound like MR. Frank Anderson over at GMC. In a state of denial. Its not like I took the roof rack off 3 years ago and scraped the paint to bare metal, and then put the roof rack back on watch this happen.
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  6. Springthing

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    I understand your frustration at the situation but please try to keep cordial on the site.

    It seems as though your warranty has lapsed which is most likely why GM will no longer further help you in this matter. Warranty was over some time ago.

    Who knows why it started to leak through. Maybe you used the roof rack to hoist yourself up everytime you went up there to wash/wax? Who knows.

    Good luck with your issue and I hope it gets resolved one way or another.
  7. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Well, the biggest problem with buying a pre-owned vehicle is that it was pre-owned and you simply don't know the history of it and who owned it before and what they did with it. I've seen best friends hide stuff from either other when buying/selling a vehicle and say "let the buyer beware!". I didn't see any photos of the roof rack itself, just the holes where the roof rack was mounted. A damaged roof rack would be open and shut, but maybe it was damaged by the previous owner and not reported?

    Anyhow, when it comes to a pre-owned ... how did the previous owner treat it? What did they use the vehicle for? How well did they maintain it? Perhaps he had an overloaded roof rack carrier that he used for business and consistently put too much weight in that causing the metal to fail? I'm not sure what the weight capacity on those things are, but I assume it's something like 200-300 lbs.

    All I'm saying is that I haven't heard of this happening before, so it's a very rare occurance... I'd first look to issues that could make it happen ... damaged and repaired improperly roof rack, overloaded and damaged but not noticed, not factory installed, but installed on the dealer lot to make the deal happen ... it could be a factory defect, but that's pretty rare I think...
  8. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I did some research and there are some TSBs for leaking roofs on GM products, looks like the Saturn Outlook has one ... not sure if it's the moon roof or the roof rack, still reading. If there is a TSB for leaking roof racks I'll see if I can find it. That would give you some ammunition when going back to the dealer ...
  9. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    ... I found one on the late 90's Blazers, there was a TSB on that as well.
  10. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Not just a GM problem, there is a TSB for the Toyota FJ Cruiser and also some Jeep models.

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