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    Well, it appears, as with most old vehicles, that the leaf springs on my G20 have sagged, and as such my pinion angle is now virtually flat, causing some driveline vibrations.

    So, As I see it, my options are:
    -- Replace the old springs with new ones (yay!)
    -- Add some helper springs to get it sitting back at right height
    -- Add air ride assist of some sort (additional bags or shocks) to boost it up

    Obviously the springs will be a bear to change, as it's an 86 and got 25 years of rust going on. however I think i can get a sawsall in there ok to cut the bolts, making it a little easier.

    The shocks on the back are in need of replacing, so it would seem like that would be a good option.

    I have no experience with the helper springs, so don't know if it'll give me the "lift" back up that i need to get the pinion angle back.

    Are there other options I'm missing? What would you all suggest?
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    Another option, I thought of, are coilover shocks/springs, instead of air ride shocks. but I'm not sure either air-ride shocks or coilovers will give me the increased pinion angle that i need.
  3. dualdj1

    dualdj1 Rockstar 100 Posts

    No one has done anything in this realm, or has any insight here at all?

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