Vandergriff Chevrolet Pre-Owned, Arlington, TX

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by ChevyFan, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. ChevyFan

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    I stopped by Vandergriff Chevrolet on I-20 in Arlington a short while ago to check out what they had on the lot, kick some tires and see what vehicles are going for these days.

    I had in mind to price some of the Suburbans they had on the lot, maybe a Tahoe or two, and some sweet looking Silverados.

    The sales guy came out and we just chatted about the vehicles on the lot for a few minutes and I started asking prices. He said that we'd have to go in for that. I said ok, but I like to have the price while I'm looking at the vehicle.

    Anyhow, to make a long story short, he wouldn't talk prices with me! I said, "What, you can't tell me what you're asking for any of these vehicles?" He essentially said no, he wasn't going to tell me. He wanted me to go through a whole sales questionaire so he could find out what vehicle was right for me.

    I mumbled something about him smoking crack and said "thank you, but i'm not interested in anything like that." and left. I've never gone into a store and asked the price on a washing machine and have them give me the runaround, why this place with vehicles?
  2. ciosclone

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    Most places are like that . They figure you are in the market to buy since you are there on the lot and they are trying to "out fit" you into the right vehicle . The reason why he wanted you to go inside was so that he could ,"turn you" to someone else . This means that he knew he didn't have control of you and so he needed to get you inside in hopes that someone else could sell you a car . Believe it or not , this works . I worked the desk for several years at a local car lot and have seen just about everything happen (in terms of people coming in and saying they are just looking) and then one hour later them driving off the lot with a new vehicle . Not every salesman is compatible with everyone so it's their goal to get you inside to see if there is "anything there" (in terms of you buying something) though a lot of times they tend to ," take to much meat off the bone" , meaning they tore the customer up so much that no one would have the chance to sell them anything . This is where a lot of dealerships have to make the change to meet current buying trends . In today's world, most people are armed with the invoice and have a good idea of what the dealer's holdback is (hidden cash) .
    In today's market , more dealers need to realize that it's more about volume now instead of grossing all they can on one vehicle.
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  3. ChevyFan

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    Yeah, but I was at the point of asking specific questions on a specific vehicle. Basicly, pointing and asking, how much are you asking for that vehicle. He wouldn't tell me. I refuse to do business with someone like that.

    I'm a marketing manager for a software company, and I thought I'd seen all the tricks. :) Unfortunately, my personality is such that I can hang out and talk vehicles with the guys at a lot (I think that's called a "car queer" is that right? :cool: ), but when I get a hard sell I get upset.
  4. ciosclone

    ciosclone Rockstar

    Sounds like he should have just given you the price then . The last thing the Dealership wants to do (not the salesman) is to piss the customer off . Sounds to me like you had a "rookie" salesman. He should have known better than that. However, some dealerships do not give their salesman price list , they want them to get the customer inside the door first . Again, this is just a bad way to do business in this day and age. Years ago, it was fine but not anymore.

    I bought my new Silverado last week and went into one of our local dealerships here and just told them, "hey, I am going to be buying a new truck so give me the best price so that I can drive down the road and see what they can do " . Once I said that, they had no problem giving me "rock" bottom. All in all , ( and after 30 mins of dickering with the price) they sold me a 07 Silverado CLassic Ext cab 4x4 (LS) for $19,100 out the door! The sticker was $28,250 so I felt like they done me right . The rebate at the time was only $2000 .
  5. dwill3015

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    Smokin Deal! Way to work things in your favor!
  6. ciosclone

    ciosclone Rockstar

    Yea I felt they done me right ! I kinda wanted the new body style but they wouldn't deal on the price at all ( no one would) . Then, once I drove the Classic I loved it . This is my first Chevy truck (full size anyway) so I am really excited about it . Now, if only it would do better than the 11.84 mpg it's getting than I would be happy as could be .
    Didn't mean to "hijack" your thread Steve :eek:
  7. TrailLeadr

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    Fiore Pontiac

    When I started selling cars way back in the day, my trainer suggested that we visit some of the local dealerships, and show interest in the cars they have on the lot. It was up to us, if we actually wanted to buy something, but we should show genuine interest, and basically take notes on their sales approach. There was one dealership, Fiore Pontiac in Warwick, RI, that I went to, and I actually had intentions of buying a LeMans. (The little commuter car...don't ask me why, but I thought I would like it.) So my interest was genuine. When I was greeted by the salesman, after going through the details of the car, I asked if I could take it for a test drive, he told me, "Sorry, we keep all of the batteries for the cars in the parts shop. I wouldn't be able to get one unless we got a commitment from you on a price". I think it's obvious what I learned about his technique. I think because I looked young he didn't really think I would be able to buy it, and I was wasting his time. What I learned was "assume nothing about your customer"
  8. ciosclone

    ciosclone Rockstar

    Your 100% exactly right! My first car I ever sold (this was years ago) was to this family that pulled up in a rusted out Mercury Lnyx , needless to say none of the other salesman wanted to take them , so I did . To make a long story short, the fella just received a settlement check of some sort and had cash on hand! Just goes to show that you never know and you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover , or "Cherry Pick" as we used to call it .
  9. ChevyFan

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    I just re-read this. "We keep all the batteries in the parts shop!"

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Maybe he had a hangover and just wanted to go inside and sit down...
  10. GWAGON_99

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    Customers For Life!!! (Shameful Plug!!!)

    This is the book of my new boss. I met him yesterday and he is the real deal. I read this book while in college and was impressed with it then. When I hired on to Sewell I was given a fresh copy. It is easy reading and I would recommend it to anyone who deals with customers! Also I hope these other car dealers keep up the bad work, just more for us good guys to sell. We are all about giving the customer what they want. Period.

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