Vararam vs Volant intake questions

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Deserteagle83, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Deserteagle83

    Deserteagle83 New Member

    Well I am at the final stages up my upgrades to my truck. It's lifted, with an exhaust and soon to be tuned. However before i tune it i need to pick an intake. The two choices that i am down to are the Vararam tripower, and the Volant. I had the Vararam on my old C6 corvette so i know it works. I'm also pretty sure that the design is more effecient than the Volant. One of my issues however is looks. I have to admit to myself that Volant as acompany seems to really care about cosmetics, as their intakes all look great, and their Silverado intake hands down looks better than the vararam. If anyone out there has install pics of either, or some real world knowledge of either, i would greatly appreciate it. Also, if anyone out there has some dyno results of either i would appreciate that as well.

    Thanks in advance forum
  2. SoCal Chevy

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    well although i can give u no experience or dyno test etc. i can tell u tht ive never even heard of vararam in trucks, where as ive seen multiple trucks with volant intakes. for me it was more of a choice betwwen the volant of the k&n intakes. ive decided to go with the volant intake but just havent started saving up for it yet
  3. silveradotrailblazer

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    Vararam has a picture in there instruction section.
  4. Deserteagle83

    Deserteagle83 New Member

    The Volant looks GREAT!!! but i just dont see how it could out perform an intake like the Vararam. It's basically a good looking STOCK airbox. I know that the vararam's ram air works. It netted me an extra 25hp in my vette. (that was on a dyno. Maybe more at speed on the highway) The thing is, i own a 2009 and apparently they dont make an intake for the 09/10 trucks. Also, there really isn't much info out there on the Vararam. I did go to their site and saw the install pics, but i couldn't get a good feel about how it would look in my truck. I'm gonna see if anyone can come up with wnything for me on this thread, and i'll do some research on the net. If i cant find anything by the end of the week i'm just gonna go with the Volant.

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