Vibration in front end and rear end noise

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    This is a two part thread so any help on one or both situations would be appreciated:

    Front End- I'm pretty sure of what the problem is but would like some input from those who are more mechanically inclined than myself (not hard haha). Anyways, I recently had a tire shop put NEW tires on my truck and they suggested using "beads" to help fill in soft spots on the tires instead of using "sticky weights" and when I hit between 50-55mph the front end has a vibration; tire shop claims it is because the "beads" take time to work but the vibration is a daily issue. From start-49mph nothing, from 56-beyond, nothing either. I am thinking that the shop just screwed up the alignment and I just need to take it to a reputable garage to have it re-aligned but I don't understand why the problem is only at those specific speeds. I am hoping that installing my recently purchased skyjacker steering stabilizers will help fix the problem before I HAVE to take it to be re-aligned and spend more money.

    Rear End- As with the front end, I have a general idea what's wrong but there could be more involved than I truly know. I live in North Central, Pa., so it is cold all day long this time of year and even worse at 6am when I am getting around for work. Well I usually let my truck warm up 10-15 minutes depending on the temp., lately when I finally get in to head off to work and put it into reverse (automatic tranny) I hear a loud clanking/clunking noise which I view as the transmission going into gear but it doesn't make that sound when I put it into drive. Personally, I think it's because the truck is sitting all night in temperatures under 25 degrees so naturally freezing will occur and the gears are stiff but I don't understand why it makes the noise for reverse but not drive. Also, I don't hear the noise once I drive a few hundred yards and stop and switch from drive to reverse back to drive back to reverse nor do I hear the noise when I come out from work at the end of the day and go into reverse, granted temperatures are 20-35 degrees warmer by 3:30pm but still cold. The noise can only be heard when I first start off in the morning.

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