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vibration under 99 4x4 Yukon at take off??

Discussion in 'Chevy Tahoe Forum (GMC Yukon, Cadillac Escalade)' started by jenior71, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. jenior71

    jenior71 New Member

    Hi, I just purchased a 99 Yukon and it has a funny quick vibration at moderate or high speed take off. I thought it was a tranny mount but after replacing it I still had the same problem. I thought also a motor mount but the motor hardly moves at take off and they don't look broke. I got under and pulled on the drive shaft front and rear and no problem seen. Last thing was the rear end but the pinion bearing has no play. All tight...I did notice that it still has the stock large muffler hanging with rubber bushings. Could this vibration be from the muffler???? If I grab hold of the tail pipe and give it a good shake it can be felt in the cab. Is this my problem??? Before I go spend more money has anybody had this problem???? Other than that the truck has a nice ride..

    Thanks Jesse So.Cal
  2. ARNIE

    ARNIE Rockstar

    when you say "take off" do you mean from a dead standstill? First thing I would do is change the fuel filter. It is on the drivers side, under the front door, in the frame rail. Make sure you point the arrow in the right direction.

    How many miles on your tranny?

    Could be a torque converter going bad too.
  3. jenior71

    jenior71 New Member

    Thanks Arnie for the reply. Yes it is from a dead stop. I will try the fuel filter and see if that works. The truck has 87,000k and the fluid is a nice pink. I thought it was the tranny at first so I took it to a tranny shop and let them drive it. They said it was not the tranny?? They were not sure what it was.

  4. jenior71

    jenior71 New Member

    Ok, I replaced the fuel filter. Looked original, hard to blow through. Still have problem?????? Whats next?????
  5. ARNIE

    ARNIE Rockstar

    it is possible it is that exhaust, although not likely, but i have learned over the years never, never, rule anything out. lol

    have you felt any skipping or vibration while trying to maintain steady speed, especially over 45mph? With cruise control set? I know this may sound silly but have you rotated the tires front to back to completely eliminate a tire or balance problem? Have you also checked the inside and outside of these tires to make sure you do not have an "outie"?. Have you jacked up the front end and checked the front wheel bearings on both sides? One may be going bad. Could be a whole bunch of reasons, and none easy to diagnose online, but we sure can eliminate what it is not, before you possibly have to have a dealer check it for a code. And yes they will set code without the light coming on.

    Could be an injector, a worn CV Joint, or a torque converter going bad. My 99 Suburban did the exact same thing when the torque converter began going bad. I did all the above to no avail, but after about a month it begin to finally get torque converter "lock up chatter" at cruising speed. Took care of that and no more vibration on take off.
  6. jenior71

    jenior71 New Member

    Hi Arnie, The truck runs fine while maintaining any speed or cruising. But I was driving today and at different times the trans seemed to shift a little hard, sometimes. You keep mentioning the torque converter and maybe that is my problem. I am going to take it to a different trans shop to see what they think. I have rotated tires, checked air pressure, checked bearings front and rear, drive shaft front and rear replaced tranny mount ,cv joints are not making clicking noises and boots not torn. I also thought like you that it was the engine hesitateing so I gave it a tune-up. Runs the same. It needed it anyways nothing had never been changed. sometimes If I hold the brake while in drive and gas it you can here and feel a clunk?? I had my wife do it while I was underneath and I don't see anything jumping around. I do see the rear end twisting but that looks normal unless the bushings are worn on the leaf springs and it is twisting to much.?? I will see what the other trans shop thinks..I will get back to you..Jesse
  7. ARNIE

    ARNIE Rockstar

    Yeah, I would too. That clunking noise you hear is probably the locker in the rear. That truck comes with a detroit locker. They will clunk.
  8. jenior71

    jenior71 New Member

    Hi Arnie, Really. I didn't know the rear end had a locker?? Are sure its not a limited slip?? I was under neath it again today after talking to a friend of mine and he suggested that maybe my "U" joints were going bad..So I removed the drive shaft to check. They look Ok , no play and were lubed. When I removed the shaft from the tranny/transfer case I was expecting oil to spill out. None came out. It has the 246 GM transfer case. Does that take transmission oil also?? I want to fill it to eliminate another possible cause. I have to take it tomorrow to the trans shop..Thanks Jesse
  9. ARNIE

    ARNIE Rockstar

    Transfer case does take transmission fluid. The rear could be limited slip, but Chevy put the Detroit locker in most of these trucks. You can definately hear and feel a locker when you start off. When you have the rear drive shaft out, you can test it by engaging the 4 wheel drive and driving it to see if the vibration is still there, since it's low on fluid anyway you probably would not get any leakage from the rear of the transfer case.
  10. jenior71

    jenior71 New Member

    Problem solved finally.......Ok , last night when I pulled off the drive shaft I didn't see any problems only the transfer case low on fluid. My owners manual says the automatic transfer case takes a special fluid. I reassembled the truck and left it. So today I figured I go get the fluid from the dealer and also gear oil so I can also do the rear end to also eliminate them as possible causes. So as I pull out of the driveway and I don't feel any vibration. Next stop nothing again. I thought I was dreaming. Next stop nothing, over and over again nothing. I am extreamly happy it is finally gone and the trucks over ride feels smoother. So what happened??? Was the drive shaft not tight enough on the pinion ?? Was it not sitting flush on the pinion?? Is there a certain way it goes on?? I don't know or care at this point just happy it is gone. Went ahead and changed the diff. oil all looked ok there also and it has a limited slip and also changed the transfer case oil.. Thanks for all your help.. Jesse from So.Cal

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