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Discussion in 'Games Forum' started by 04silverado4.8, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. 04silverado4.8

    04silverado4.8 New Member

    anyone notice how there is no Chevy Silverado in Forza Motorsports 3???? thats would be too much for the competition about Gran Turismo 5?? is it in that one?? it wasnt in GT4 either!!! trucks rock!! why not race em!!
  2. lethalpaperclip

    lethalpaperclip New Member

    Dude if you go on google look up all cars in GRANTURISMO 5 a guy on a forum for them riceburner failures put a whole long list and I DO HAVE PROOF THAT THERE ARE SILVERADOS IN IT B/C MY FRIEND CHRISS WENT TO PLAY IT AT A GAMESTOP MANAGERS MEETING AND HE SAW THE 10' SIERRA 08 09 10' SILVERADOS 2000 AND 2004 :D
  3. thirdgenz28

    thirdgenz28 New Member

    The Silverado is in both GT4 and GT5. Its the concept version but its still a fun truck.

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