Vinyl Bumper Wrap?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by JC8865, Feb 6, 2012.

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    I have a question..Id really like to change the brushed chrome look of the frt center section of my 08 Silverado to black..but I dont want to paint it..has anyone attempted to wrap that in anything? I was thing black vinyl decal sheet material..I really think the brushed clashes with the chrome on the grille and want to change it..any ideas would be great.

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    Thats interesting stuff! Vinyl wrap is not to expensive but most of it has a 5year warranty and you will be replacing it down the road. Here in Arizona the sun will fade it towards the 5 year mark.
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    I have been wondering about the vinyl wrap too. I ordered a sheet before was a small sheet was gonna do my tail lights but it's allot harder to use vinyl wrap than people would think. I would like to buy me some gloss black vinyl from rvinyl that's where i bought my tail light vinyl from. I think it's only $13 for a 24x24 inch sheet and i would need 2 sheets for the back bumper and 1 or 2 for the front bumper so all together maybe $52 for all the vinyl. The only problem is i wouldn't be able to do it i don't think and wonder how much someone would charge to do it? The rear bumper you can do it with it on but the chrome part of bumper in front will probably need to be taken off.? I hope it wouldnt cost much to get them done since then i would rather for it to get painted.
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    Personally, I'm just going to replace the bumper. I'm trying to get away from all the chrome on my truck piece by piece. The wheels were my first step in the process. There are options out there for covering your existing though. Have you looked into a spray on liner? I'm not sure if it'd work, but you could look at it. The vinyl is an option too. Have you looked at street scene products to see if they have a valance you could put over it?
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    This is exactly what I'm doing. If you are going for black the only problem is that the Pantone Matching System does not have a shade of black that matches Chevy Black. However the 3M 1080-M12 which is a vinyl that is made for vehicle wraps was a good match as far as the shade goes but I still need to check out 1080-G12 which is the gloss black.

    Here is the full informational sheet on that product line.
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    I'm replacing my bumper at some point but until then I have mine plastidip it's been on for 6 months and still looks the same as in my picks. It's super easy to use and it will peel off if u get under it with your nail. It's the cheapest and best way to black anything out. If you don't like it peel it off
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    Go for the 3-m gloss vinyl. The hardest part is removing the surrounding plastic so you can install the wrap. If not you can trim(very carefully) around everything. Its super durable and easy to install/remove.

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    How did you apply it?
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    You can do it! I first tried a 6'x5' sheet and failed miserably! So I started practicing on small parts, you will learn from you mistakes. But by doing small parts first the loss is small. But you will find that you will succeed more time than not. I did my steering wheel inserts next and they came out fine. Them I attempted my dash and it went frustrated a few times but by going slow and doing small you will learn the tricks that will help for bigger stuff. I'm doing my rear chrome bumper parts in the carbon vinyl. I like to take the part off so I can wrap the edges but they (e-bay) a cutting tape that you outline your part with before you lay the vinyl down and then you pull a cutting thread and it trims up as close as you got the tape. Good Luck!

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    That looks really good!

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    Also using a heat gun (or hair dryer) you stretch and form the vinyl, little at a time and you can rework the stuff quite a bit without it looking bad.

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