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    So I'm seriously contemplating wrapping the rockers/bottom half of the doors in a matte grey/black color, and was wondering if anyone had done it before and if so how it went. I basically am kind of sick of it being a plain pewter truck, even though it's demolded, and have been thinking about wrapping it for a while. The one thing thats been holding me back is the price of it has been a question mark for me (not sure what it would cost to wrap just the rockers with a stripe, or half the truck) until today-500-700 dollars to do just a rocker panel stripe! So I'm just about ready to say f-it and do it myself. Seems like everyone says its a real pain to do, but I figure-why not? Spend a entire weekend just wrapping it, taking my time, and have something that looks pretty unique. Only thing is I really don't want a ugly break in the color-I would like the transition to be somewhat smooth which is leading me towards doing it so it ends right on the bottom body crease. Photoshopped pictures are in the works now (thank god my gf took a bunch of graphics classes in college) so I'll post em up once I get them, but what do you guess think? Crazy, ugly, stupid, cool, different?
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