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    Hey I was just wondering if anyone knew any really good areas to go mudding somewhere around Virginia and North carolina. I see TONS of lifted trucks out here but very few decent areas to offroad.
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    A few years back when I lived in Va. Bch. we used to go out 168 towards Moyock (168 was under construction at the time).
    Around NALF Fentress Field there were a lot of trails.
    A few spots off of Indian Creek rd near Blackwater had trails.
    And out on 17 near The Great Dismal Swamp there were a lot of swampy open areas to wheel.
    Dont know if any of these spots are still open though expansion being what it is.

    During the summer months you can run the beach from Kitty Hawk, NC. through Duck, Corrolla and False Cape State park to the back bay area and exit near Dam Neck. You can only enter from the North Carolina side unless you have a Back Bay or North Carolina Resident sticker, but you can exit the Va. side no matter what.

    In the New Bern/Havelock area (around MCAS Cherry Point) theres a weekly mud pit drag race on Friday nights that has a" run what ya brung" class thats real fun to watch and compete in (free tows out of the mud pit for every contestant).

    And up around Chincoteague, Assateague, and Assawoman you can run the beach and through some of the swamps. (the best time to go there is in late June and early July when they swim the ponys from Assateague Island to Chincateague).

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