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    Just installed a backup camera from VisorView; this one is hard-wired to avoid all that interference nonsense and Yes- it installs into your windshield visor. I'm extremely satisfied with the product and happy with the install as well. I paid $379 for mine and it came with enough camera cable even for my Crew Cab Long Bed 3500 Duramax. Here's the link:

    I didn't want a real obvious camera so I opted for the bullet lens that mounts into the rear bumper. It takes a 3/4 inch hole nominally but you'll need to round it out with an abrasive bit, finishing to more like .78 inches. I mounted mine just next to the license plate; one unexpected consequence is the license plate bulb on that side casts a glare on the camera view at night-- so I removed the bulb on that side (still got the bulb on the other side). This is a 150 degree camera with a nice wide view in good or dim light.


    To get a really good background on this type of install let me direct you to the excellent overview by Jiltd which was for a Rostra system: camera.

    For my install, I didn't want to stick the rubber wall grommet that carries the main wiring harness thru the firewall; I noticed that my Silverado has another access area about five inches to the left of the main wiring harness when viewed from the outside-- perfect for the camera cable feed coming up the chassis. The other factory cables detach from the firewall and pivot out of the way, and the insulation can also be held away from the drilling task.


    From inside the cabin, you can just peel off the plastic oval cover to this area. There's a dimple in the firewall for the pilot bit, then you can drill a 1/2 " hole with a holesaw bit thru the thin firewall sheet metal from the outside. Grommet your hole, use 1/2" plastic wire harness shielding cable over the camera wire, and secure it all with silicon cement. The camera wire follows the OE wiring harness all the way back to the rear; I needed 25 feet of plastic wire shielding cable!


    As Jiltd has noted, you definitely want to tap into your fuse box with the Add-a-Circuit fuse adapter. I looked everywhere and finally found one at Pep Boys; you should order one On Line if you can't find one locally. My Silverado has a fuse on the inside box designated for RW Wiper (not used)-- so I tapped into that one. A 5 amp or even a 3 amp fuse is adequate. Now it's a simple matter to snake the camera cable and power wire up behind the underdash. You can power the device off the rear backup lights if desired, but I wanted a direct power ON switch for mine. Pull the drivers' side pillar plastic cover open to install the switch. Mine is a little high on the pillar; for safety it should have been a few inches lower. Those LED switches have 3 terminals; power from the fusebox, power to the camera/monitor, and a ground wire for the switch LED. All the wires & attachments are with standard crimp connectors and crip-on terminals. The ground wire for the monitor, camera, and switch can go anywhere; I chose the metal plate just over my parking brake.


    Remove the driver's side sun visor with a 5-point torx screwdriver. VisorView doesn't recommend installing into plastic visors, but with sufficient work it's really ideal. Cut the terrycloth visor cover across the horizontal center and retract it away from your template marks so you can fold it under into the visor for a nice finish. You'll need a Dremmel type high speed drill with the thin abrasive disc attachment, it just melts it's way through the plastic. There's extra plastic on the inside, remove all of it and the slide out visor extension is sacrificed just cut it out and for appearances, glue the very end of it back into the visor slot with silicon cement. Bevel out a half moon in the visor base for the monitor wires, and fish them up the base and into the windshield pillar. Mount the monitor into the visor with silicone cement or high strength double stick mounting tape. My one biggest goof was dropping the Dremmel at full speed onto the terrycloth; had to cover that error with an NPR decal.


    It's a nice looking system, and I'm pleased with the install. The monitor view is great (not pixilated like the digital photo shows) and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in a backup camera.
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    Thats pretty sweet. Priced good also.
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    huh, looks good. Well worth the money!

    if you've not driven a car/truck with a backup camera, I highly recommend. I won't buy another vehicle w/o one, especially as I have kids. I remember my dad backing over my bike and a friend's bike before with the suburban, can't imagine if it were a kid or other pedestrian.

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