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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by usmctribe, May 18, 2009.

  1. usmctribe

    usmctribe New Member

    I notice that my voltage guage level dips sometimes when i use my blinkers or have my hi and low lights on. When my door is open i also notice my lights inside the cab go dim when i do this too. I need some general guidence on where to start. My truck has a sound system in it with 3 amps and 2 10 inch subs and a couple dvd players. Could this be drawing to much power? I thought of adding a second battery but its a little pricy for me right now. Any suggestions?
  2. Springthing

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    3 amps might be just a little too much for your system. What is the rating on the amps?

    How old is your battery?
    Have you ever changed the alternator?
    When do you notice the dip, all the time, when the engine is running, engine off with the accessories on..?..
    Have you tried seeing how the system reacts to your lights/turn signals if the sound system (including the amps) is off?
    What kind and year of a vehicle?
    Who did the wiring for the sound system?
    Did this just start happening or has it been going on since you've had the truck?
  3. usmctribe

    usmctribe New Member

    How do i find the rating for the amps? I just recently bought the truck and the dealership i got it from didnt know to much. I was told by a freind that one amp was hooked to hi's and lows, another to the subs, and im cant remember the 3rd. I dont know how old the battery is. It there a way to check the date?
    I wouldnt suspect the alternator has been replaced because it has 45K miles.
    I notice the volts dip more when i have the head lights going and the system on, then i hit a blinker and it goes up and down with the flash of the blinker. I havent turned the system off to see if that helps. I'll give it a shot and see if i can come up with more concrete info or examples.
    Its a 2006 Silverado.
    I was told Al and Ed's did the sound system but dont know how acurate that info is.
    I cant remember when i first picked up the truck if it had the same issue.

    Also my aftermarket head unit does not always power on. It has an automatic face which will pop out but nothing coming through as far as sound or any life to the head unit. Im not sure if that relates or not, I just figure the head unit was going out.
  4. Springthing

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    On the amps it should tell you how many watts they are.
    There is normally a date indicated with punch numbers on the battery telling you what date it was purchased. Other than that.. have a look at the battery itself. Nice and shiny or old looking, full of grime with terminals that could use cleaning?

    It sounds like your electric system might be taxed a little. Maybe the battery's getting ready to fail on you, maybe you're just drawing too much power from the battery and the alternator is having trouble keeping up, maybe there's too much corrosion on the battery terminals causing there to be a diluted connection.

    It doesn't sound like the head unit would be part of the problem, that would be a separate issue I would think - unless there's not enough power to keep it up and running which I doubt.

    Anyone else have any insight?
  5. usmctribe

    usmctribe New Member

    The battery looks new no corrosion. It may just have to much. I might just go down to an audio shop just to see what i really have as far as the system goes. I'll check the date and amps and let you know
  6. vncj96

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    Your cheapest bet is to get a capacitor for the amp that is running the subs
  7. usmctribe

    usmctribe New Member


    so i finally got a capacitor and it seems to of helped everything out. I dont notice the volts dipping anymore and everything is running smoother (electronically speaking) thanks for the help
  8. daddytech

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    you'll do yourself good to also get the second battery and get it installed when you can scrape up the money for it because what you may find is that when you run your AC it will pull your Voltage way down too. (I am speaking from experience on this one) My truck has two batteries and a 4 farahd capacitor and it still drops down below 12 amps when I am running the AC and the system at the same time. My truck has the police package with the 240 amp alternator also so this should not be happening but i know fully well why it is. I actually need a battery Isolator to divide up the current that goes to each battery. That's ok though I'm a country boy and would much rather ride around booming with the 4,300 watts at full than be cooled by the ac while i am listening to my music any how I have 2 amps, a pair of 12's and all custom 6 1/2" speakers and custom installed tweeters in my truck. also changed out the rear mounted roof speakers and custom mounted 6x9's in the holes that the 4x11 speakers that come factory in those holes

    here's a few old and a few new pics of my truck and system , the sub box and the sub amp are different now so is the location of the sub amp but it'll give you a general idea of how everything is set up in mine, the pics are while it was still under construction so not everything is loomed up yet.


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