Vortec 350 timing & TPS questions.

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by kipper667, May 7, 2013.

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    So, I did the intake gasket yesterday & holy-moley does it run great. Way smoother than when it was brought to me. But, now I have a P0122 TPS code & a P1345 code. The TPS code was already present before it came to me. Now, I have previously worked on cars that threw the TPS code & when replaced the code persisted. With this truck (97 1500 Extended cab 5.7ltr) is there anything else that can cause a TPS code that I should check or be aware of?

    In regards to the timing. I know I need a scan tool that will read the cam retard & then set it to +/-2 degrees. Can I rent this scanner from a local shop like the Zone or Advance? My pocket scanner only reads & clears codes.

    And lastly. While I'm under the hood, is there anything I should check or preemptively replace? I've already done the cap, rotor, wires & plugs. Yesterday I did the water pump, upper & lower hoses, thermostat & intake (LIM, spider & TB) gaskets. Anything that's known to be problematic that I should check? I'd rather fix it over the weekend than get a call at 8am because it broke down while on his way to work. It happens more than I'd like to admit. So anything, from headlight to tail gate, that you can think of just let me know. All life experiences are welcome! Thanks in advance.
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    I know you cant rent a scan tool from advance they only let you used it in the parking lot

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