Vortec 383 What Cam to use

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by OleBlue97, May 28, 2009.

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    I am working on building a 383 Stroker for in my 1997 C1500.I am using a 383 rotating assembly with -12cc Dish pistons to get a Compression ratio 9.7:1 with 64cc Patriot Vortec heads.I will be running the stock Vortec intake with AC Delco MPFI upgrade injectors.I will be using a Summit Billet Vortec distributor and an Accel Ignition box.I will be running Flwtech Shorty Headers and a custom exhaust.The truck is my daily driver and tow my boat with it on the weekends.I would like to be able to smoke the occasional ricer with it.I currently have a 3.08 gear in the rear but will be changing them to 3.42 gear.I will also be getting a custom tune done on the ECM.Here are the specs for the heads.I will also run either a 1.5 or 1.6 full roller rockers.

    Combustion Chamber: 64cc
    Intake Runner: 185cc
    Exhaust Runner: 60cc
    Intake Valve: 2.02"
    Exhaust Valve: 1.60"
    Max. Valve Spring Lift: 0.575"
    Spring Pressure Closed: 115 lbs. @ 1.800"
    Spring Pressure Open: 310 lbs. @ 1.225"
    Retainer Material: Steel
    Valve Seal Material: Viton
    Valve Job: 5-angle
    Material: Cast Iron

    What would ya'll suggest for a cam?Any other mods I should do?

    Thanks in advance
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    My best advice would be to call Isky and talk to Rod. He is the man, if you give him your specs he will pick out a perfect cam for you. Me and my brother have been dealing with him for years, he is a great guy. I believe he is on Vacation next week, its worth the wait if you want the best cam for your combo.

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