Vortec 5.7 owners!!!!

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by vncj96, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. vncj96

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    Has anyone done the swap from the Merc 5.7? I have read alot about it but just am really wondering if anyone has attempted it on here. Results, opinions, comments........
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  2. vncj96

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    Bump it.....Nobody
  3. Poor Man

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    Enlighten us...I don't even know what you are discussing. I have the vortec in my 99 Savana. You have piqued my interest...:neutral:

  4. vncj96

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    In the boating world Mercruiser motors have long been GM engines. 4.3, 5.7 and 7.4. A merc 5.7 as i have read is the L31 block for the modern day vortec 350, with differnt heads and intake (and some other stuff). The intake from what i understand would make it a modern day ramjet 350. I can find some info on some other chevy truck fan websites but nothing that says this is how its done step by step. My understanding is doing this upper end swap is good for 30-40 HP and more low end torque
  5. Poor Man

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    Sounds like a fun swap. With that said, if you do find any info on it pm me or something. I am not interested in doing it to the wife's van, but interested in the process for "future thoughts". On another note, I have an LT1 and harness just begging to be modded into my 94 Silverado...:whistle:
  6. tbplus10

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    Volvo Penta GM blocks are the same as Merc blocks also, one nice thing about these blocks is they can be set up with distributer ignitions and carburators if you source the right block. Also some of the different models have higher compression than normal automotive engines. A this time Marine engines arent held to emissions as restrictive as automobiles, if their mounted in a boat. Marine engine parts arent more popular due to their expense though.
    Some marine engines have different cooling portals too so you have to be careful what parts your using.

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