Vortec 6.0 Ideal Highway(60MPH) RPM

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by graknil, Dec 5, 2010.

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    I've done alot of research and decided the 2002-03 Vortec 6.0L will be the perfect swap motor for a project 4X4 I'm building(that's not a point for debate). But I can't find much/any information on typical stock highway RPM figures from the factory. I need the data to figure my axle gear ratios. It'll be an AX15 overdrive transmission on 35's in a 4,000lbs Jeep. If I used 4.11 gears my 60MPH RPM will be 1900. Seems like that is to high for the big V-8 for street manners and gas mileage. But 3.73s my next choice down (dictated by the reverse cut dana 44 front) leaves me at 1700 RPM. I think this is closer to the 6.0's highway comfort zone but I would like more input from the field.
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    1900 is about perfect... if you are doing 70 with an OD you are running about 2000-2100 with a stock truck.. so at 60 at 1900 you will be in the right range.. as long as you keep it under 2300-2400RPM it will still pull decent milage.

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