Vue wheel/tire issues

Discussion in 'Chevy Captiva Sport Forum (Saturn Vue)' started by vncj96, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. vncj96

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    Parents have a 2003 (I think) Saturn Vue with the Honda 3.5 in it, it's AWD and has aluminum rims and the tires constantly are losing air. I wonder if it is the rims themselves as they are pretty corroded from the MN salty winter roads. Anyone else have or heard of this issue with these particular vehicles?
  2. Camaro69car

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    It's not uncommon for aluminum rims to corrode to the point of leaking air in colder/snowier climates. Rust is like cancer, once it starts, it spreads everywhere severely weakening the metal to the point of destruction. However I would certainly take the affected wheels to the tire shop. It could just be a bad bead from brushing against a curb, parking on an uneven surface (Ex. the outside of the tread is higher than the inside of the tread. This places more pressure on the outside sidewall, and not enough on the inner sidewall)

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