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  1. jcerny

    jcerny New Member

    My 2002 'Burban LT 4wd has been wandering all over the road for a while now. Checked out the front suspension and steering, ended up replacing the pittman arm, idler arm, and idler arm bracket. All the other ball joints, tie rods, etc. ok. Had it re-aligned. Got better, but not 100% fixed. Tires were shot, put new ones on, got better, but still not 100% fixed.

    Now I'm thinking of replacing the rear suspension bushings. Anybody out there done that? Need any special tools? How hard is it? ("that's what she said")

    Or if you have any other ideas on what could be the problem... please let me know...
  2. Kady

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    What exactly do you mean by "all over the road?" Also, make sure your tires are properly inflated as well, because that's a commonly overlooked problem... How about your shocks? Are they the original?
  3. a.graham52

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    agree... check your tire pressures first. i dont care if they were just put on, people still screw up. and new/better shocks could make a massive improvement. also if the roads you drive on are crappy, then your trucks gonna handle crappy.
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  4. joshuaT

    joshuaT Rockstar

    Do you have a rag joint or is it eliminated going to the steering gearbox from the steering wheel shaft?
  5. jcerny

    jcerny New Member

    "all over the road"... Most of the time it pulls to the left. Especially under power, accellerating, etc. Then, sometimes it switches and wants to go to the right and I'm steering to the left to keep it straight.

    Tires are new, properly aired-up, just checked them.

    Shocks... Don't know. I've had the truck for 5 years and I have not changed them. They don't show any obvious signs of wear. No bouncing, etc.

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    JoshuaT: What's a "rag joint"?
  6. Jamm3r

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    Problems showing up only while under power would indicate something worn in the rear axle. I'm assuming you have a 1500 'burb and I don't know a thing about the rear suspension in them so I can't help much.
  7. joshuaT

    joshuaT Rockstar

  8. a.graham52

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    now does the '02 have the "panhard-bar" that goes lateraly from one frame rail to the rear axle? that would keep your rear axle inline with the vehicle (assuming your burb has rear coil springs) and if the bushings in that bar wear out it may allow your axle to move around and could cause a pull. for that matter if you have coil springs you also have somethign similer to a 4 link set up and any of those bushings could alow movment in the rear axle.

    does your problem happen on ANY and ALL roads or just a certain one? does it happen on both lanes of the road or just one? road condition realy does do weird things.
  9. Pikey

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    I changed the entire rear arms on my yukon xl rather than just the bushings. I bought them from GMpartsdirect. It took about 2 weeks to get them from the company and one was damaged when it arrived. It was cheaper then buying the bushings and then having a shop press them in and out. It did tighten the truck up significantly. The lateral track bar made the most difference. It is not hard to do. Just be sure to have 2 floor jacks or at the least a set of jackstands and a floor jack. Take one off and replace it at a time. Don't pull the top and bottom at the same time. It still wandered a bit, but that was because the previous owner had changed out the rear nivomat shocks with standard shocks and did not put the correct coil spring on it.
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  10. Dana W

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    I also have a wandering 'Burb. My '99 has a fully refurbished stock suspension, TBIF front and leaf rear, tight steering, no issues. My problem is the 12" wide 285/55/R20 wheel & tire package on it, combined with the gentlemanly nature of the soft factory suspension. These big meats (sorta) tend to climb to the uphill side of pavement changes, truck depressions in asphalt, drainage grading, potholes, bumpsteer. My 'Burb will run straight and true on concrete pavement hands free all day. The only way to make it behave on undulating asphalt is to keep the tires at least up to 50 psi cold. Large diameter/low aspect ratio tires need high pressure. Soft sidewalls, soft suspension, tall truck = wandering soul.
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