want to do exhaust on a 98 chevy 4x4 but need to know something

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by michiganhunter, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. michiganhunter

    michiganhunter New Member

    I am wanting to do a cat back exhaust on my truck, I am looking for the pipe or attachment, i have no clue what it is called but the thing that will bolt to my catylitic converter flange that would take both of them and dump them into a y pipe so i can use a single in and then go dual out. Hope someone can point me in a direction or tell me what this is called so i can find one, I saw one that was made by flowmaster but it is in the kit and does not really name the part. Thanks
  2. michiganhunter

    michiganhunter New Member

    I have 2 pipes with 2 cats(1 0n each) at the last cat there is a flange on the pipe and the end of the cat. The flange then bolts to the pipe thagoes to the muffler,
  3. michiganhunter

    michiganhunter New Member

    Does your truck sound REAL aggressive going that way,I mean going from the 2 pipes at the flange to a single in? I hear so many things at these muffler shope, i want a lot of noise but i want my cats left on, so 1 shop told me they would cut that flange off make a y pipe go into a single flowmaster then come out with dual pipes, he said that would sound REAL aggressive,. I called flowmaster lastnight and they said use this muffler part #9525454 it is a dual in and dual out and it would be aggressive, sure wsih i knew who to believe.I also thought about having the flange cutoff and a flowmaster 40 put on each pipe that way there are 2 stacked next to eachother but the muffler shop said that would not be as loud as going in single and coming out double......... How do you like yours?
  4. slowredchevy

    slowredchevy New Member

    in a 1998 model z71, you have 2 and 1/4 inch pipe that bolts up at the manifolds, it stays true duals through two seperate cats, bolts up to an exhaust flange with 3 bolts, still stays dual after that into the stock muffler, then comes out as a single pipe after the muffler, your best bet is to do two single in single outs, or your gonna have back pressure problems, dont change to high flow cats, youll throw codes from here to tomorrow. i did this in my 97, ended up robbing gas mileage big time, less than 200 miles a tank, when i converted the entire pre-muffler set up back to stock, i went back to about 400 a tank.
  5. michiganhunter

    michiganhunter New Member

    Thanks for the info there SRC.... so it is best to put the flowmaster on that i want which is dual in and dual out right? I mean it looks like the stock muffler but instead of one going out the back i will have 2 pipes going out the back.... I sure dont want to throw no codes or look at the check engine light. Does yours sound pretty mean?
  6. slowredchevy

    slowredchevy New Member

    i dont have videos of my 97, but i literally tried everything, you wont like the dual in dual out, its worth the extra money to do two single in single outs on it. here is a video of my 88, the setup is different on it as in it only has 1 cat, and 1 muffler being obd1(no emmisions) i can do full length long tubes, no cats, and mufflers, right now it has a magnaflow high flow cat and a flowmaster single in single out, 3.5 inch tubing and a side exit into a gay z28 tip(itll change soon) but mine is obd1 so i wont throw an exhaust code, unlike my 97 id throw about 12 for just the high flow cats...

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    here is a video of the dual in dual out as you described on a 5.7 vortec, hes runnin tiny pipe, 2.5 inch, run 3.5 and itll beef it up for ya

    mine are 70 series, i mean, my truck now in my video sounds almost identical to my 97, except the part where i dont have 255 horses, i have around 350 now estimated lol
  7. michiganhunter

    michiganhunter New Member

    Yes thats what i asked a muffler shop is if i could cut that flange off and put a 40 series on each of the pipes but he told me it would not be as loud as a making a y pipe and joining the 2 together then going into a single in and then going dual out....... Your yukon sounds pretty good i was going to use a 40 series instead of the 50 series I guess the 40 is louder seems like it would be louder to me but i dont know, I have even thought of just getting rid of the mufflers all together and having them run pipes back from the cats,lol. I DO NOT WANT TO MESS WITH MY BACKFLOW and USE MORE GAS thats for sure.......
  8. slowredchevy

    slowredchevy New Member

    dont run straight pipe, itll sound ****ty in my opinion, running any kind of flowmaster will sound good on chevys, loud when you get on it, and quiet with the cruise. and the muffler shop guy is hilarious, when you run TRUE duals, straight back, no y pipe, x pipe, or offroad pipe, and run a single in single out on each side, exiting the car as you wish, itll sound mean and loud, thats what will be done to my truck. the 97 i had sounded mean as hell that way. and i was running through stock cats(reloacted as well as o2 sensors) and had dual side pipes. however you decide to run it, flowmaster will sound the best on it. just from experiance
  9. rugerjitsu

    rugerjitsu New Member

    i have a 97 silverado z-71 with duals...came with factory dual in/dual out muffler, i'm guessing...anyways, i replaced the stock muffler with a magnaflow dual in/dual out, and dumped the pipes just past the cab (ext cab).

    it sounds real nice...the mufflers been good for 8 yrs now, plus i ride at stock height, no lift, and i like the clearance from the rear wheels back with no fancy pipes to scuff up!
  10. slowredchevy

    slowredchevy New Member

    yes magnaflows usually sound really good, i have a 03 dodge ram that used to be a v6, is now a 6.1 hemi with a edlebrock intake, fast 90mm tb, cai, 90#injectors, tb spacer, 411 rear end, locker, and i has hooker shorties, no cats, and a older magnaflow single in single out, people call my truck the race truck because of the exhaust, its a 4 inch dump(single cab short bed) and its an old school magnaflow thats well broken in, and it sounds like a dragster when you get on it

    edit: had a 517 lift cam in it, now the stock 6.1 cam is in, on the dyno was a hair under 500 horses, but now that its stock, i only get about 7mpg on the hwy lol

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