Want to Get A 2010 LTZ But GM Is Making It Very Hard...

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by soundhd, Feb 18, 2010.

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    Time to get a new pick up. I have a 99 Silverado LT 4x4 Z-71 with 72,000 miles that I bought new that I have a buyer for (I guy from work has been buggin' me to sell it to him..we agreed on a price of $13,000...) it's never been my daily driver...never been through a automatic car wash.....rarely driven in the winter.......anyway back to the "story".........
    Just want to tell you that I have access to "employee" pricing for both GM and Ford but i have always been a "GM guy" (for the most part anyway......I did buy a 02 Ranger for a daily driver cause I got it "really cheap" at one of those year end model sales events....it was about $3,000 less then the small chevy at the time and I did marry into a "Ford Family" so I had to give in a little....but I own a 72 Olds 442, and a 2000 Corvette C5 Roadster and owned GM cars and vans my whole life...anyway back to the story).......so have checked out both the Silverado LTZ and the Ford Lariat........they are both very nice.....but GM is making it very hard and very expensive....
    1st problem: Cannot get 4 wheel disc brakes with out ordering the Max trailer package that also requires a the 6.2 V8 and all the other options that go with the Max Tarailer package (that's like $2.300 bucks).....I do not need to tow 10,400 lbs......the most I would be towing is a classic car on a open aluminum trailer so I want to stick with the 5.3 but they (GM) won't let me do it......I even checked into placing a COPO (Central Office Purchase Order) order for just rear disc brakes but the dealer says I can't because I am not a "fleet" owner (back in the day one could order a COPO car to get a high perforamce 427 or other stuph that was not a normal option...but I guess those days are over.....I did check to see if a buddy of mine can maybe pull some strings at GM but still waiting to hear....).
    Problem #2: GM's running boards are not running boards at all but really cheap "tubes".....Ford has very nice 6" wide strong chromed running boards with rubber inlays......running boards are "supposed" to keep the lower sides of the truck free of stone chips and the tube type does not do that........So if I ordered a LTZ I would have to get a set of aftermarket running boards.....the Ford running boards are included in the lariat package
    Problem #3: With the 5.3 and the regular towing package the Lariat is still just over $2,000 less. With the Max towing and the 6.2 the LTZ is close to $4,000 more......A chunk-o-change to me...I am just a retired part time working stiff......Still going to try and persue the COPO thing a little more...going to contact some of the GM employees that are in the Oldsmobile club I belong to here in Michigan...I am willing to pay the $2,000 more for the LTZ with the 5.3 and rear disc brakes if I can get them but the $4,000 more price tag is tough to take........
    Problem #4: Ford also has a deal that if you order the Power Moon roof and the Nav system system package you get like $800 off the normal price of both of them......GM is not offering that either......anyway GM is just making it very hard to order a new LTZ with the options that I want..(not avaialble anywhere on a lot, but thats OK with me anyway....I want a new truck right off the factory floor......don't want one thats been sitting outside on a slaes lot for "any" period of time........also so far I have talked to two dealers in the area where I live and they can't order new Silverado's...they have to find them somewhere else.......don't know if that is because they have ordered thier alotment of Silverados for 2010 or if GM''s already filled up thier order system for 2010 Silverados...........anyway GM is making it very hard and very expensive.............but I am trying my best to get a new Silverado LTZ.......
    PS: If any of you reading this are high up at GM you may want to pass this info along.........:frown:
  2. shadowt_t

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    its long story i didnt read it but i iwill later lol

    im just joking:rofl::lol:
  3. mmorgan1865

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    I feel your pain. I just took delivery of a 2010 Silverado LTZ. It was built in Fort Wayne per the VIN and it only took 4 weeks because they were able to put my options on a truck that was already ordered. Mine is a 4X2 extended cab with the nav package. I worked with dealers from Jacksonville to Orlando and nobody was really interested in dealing. I wound up using the local dealer in Daytona because he was about 2K lower.

    I think a lot depends on when and where it is built. Mine had full chrome wheels instead of the chrome clad aluminum and they weren't an option so I wasn't expecting them. I tried to get the chrome front bumper on the LTZ but it is only available on the LT. Go figure. That little chrome piece would be $400 to buy so I won't miss it. I have drums on the rear and that's fine because I very seldom tow a trailer. I got the 3:08 rear end for the gas mileage as I do a lot of highway driving. Mine didn't have recovery hooks and I was told they were standard on the crew but available on the extended cab. Go figure 2.

    My buddy just bought a 2009 Silverado and they put a license plate bracket in the truck when he picked it up. Mine didn't have one and I was told it would have to be ordered. Same dealer. Go figure 3

    I put a set of Westin running boards on mine and I'm very happy with them. I think you'll do better after market on those types of options because you get a better price and you can pick out exactly what you want. I added mud flaps.

    One of the bigger selling points for me was OnStar with the nav package. They can recover your vehicle if it is stolen and download directions directly to the nav unit. You can also download trips from Mapquest directly to your truck. GM is the only one that has that and you may want to check out the OnStar videos on line expecially the one about the main command center in Detroit.

    Good luck on your order. I think you'll be happier with the bow tie.
  4. Dr Len

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    Whats wrong with a GMC ??
  5. brown_one

    brown_one New Member

    my 09 ltz came with the 6in step bars. they are much better than the tubes.
  6. tnhusker

    tnhusker Rockstar

    I am also shopping around but the dealers don't want to order they want to find one close to the options I want. For my last one I had to skip the local dealers and shop the internet then drive to pick it up. I know that is not ordering exactly what you want but maybe a dealer in another city could do the order like you want. It also seems like the distant dealers do better internet offers than local dealers. I think it is because if they know you are distant they don't think you will come to get it or they think you will tell a local dealer where it is so they can do the dealer trade process.
  7. mmorgan1865

    mmorgan1865 Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts

    I sent an E-Mail to the largest dealers from Jacksonville to Orlando with a detailed list of what I wanted. I told them I would buy the truck from the dealer that gave me the best price. Most of them responded with something on the lot that was not what I wanted or wanted me to come in to talk about it. I told them to read the letter again and get back to me. They eventually came around and I bought the truck from the dealer with the lowest price. That was the only trip I made to the dealer. It works better and I didn't have to drive from place to place.

  8. kabory

    kabory New Member

    I just got word from my chevy salesman that GMAC is working on bringing leases back for trucks. Thank God, my lease is up next oct. Hope its true, cant wait to see if there are going to be any changes to the silverado for 2011
  9. tnhusker

    tnhusker Rockstar

    I would hope all models would go with the front bumper from the 2011 HD.
    I hate the silly looking plastic corner pieces. It has me leaning more to the GMC Sierra but they are harder to come by since their are fewer dealers and what I find are mostly fully loaded.

    The OP might like the Denali consider he is looking at the LTZ.
  10. mmorgan1865

    mmorgan1865 Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts

    That's a little more chrome than I want. I would like to get the chrome insert from the LT line on the LTZ but it was not available unless I wanted to pay $400. Don't need it that bad. :glasses:

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