Wanting to add 4-6" lift on my new 08 z71. Couple of questions/concerns

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by bwedd, Jul 1, 2013.

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    New member to this site...so hello all! I just purchased a 2008 Z71 LTZ with a 5.3L and 3.73s. I went to a local shop today to get an estimate on a 4-6" lift on 35s and was told that I will also have to purchase a programmer as well as change the gears. I have never lifted a truck before and really don't know if this is correct or not. Is this overkill and them just trying to up sale me on more products, or is this necessary to do? I do not want to tear this truck up by adding the lift/tires, but also don't want to spend 7k to get the look I am trying to achieve. Thanks for any input/suggestions ahead of time!!
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    The programmer would be a good addition... can adjust speedometer and shift points to make up for any power logos with those bigger tires. I debated the for a year lift or leveling. Most of the lift kits I looked at... by the time you bought a quality kit, upgraded the shocks and bought you tires and other incidentals you were looking at around $7k. I eventually went with top of the line UCA's, leveling kit, shocks and blocks for the rear. I am really happy with it... I gained 2" all the way around and it rides and drives really nice. I'm only running 33" tires but I'm happy with them... and they only run $275/tire... instead of $4-500/tire.
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    I'm running the Rancho 4" suspension lift (it really lifts slightly over 5") which will fit 315/70/17 (~35") tires. You will definitely want and need a programmer for all of the reasons @TimTom64b states above.

    I did wait a few months to regear but it was definitely something I felt was needed. My truck was extremely slow taking off from traffic lights, carrying loads, going uphill, etc. and the transmission was running awfully warm at times during normal driving conditions.

    Here is what I spent on basically the same set up you are considering:
    *$1200 Rancho lift w/Rancho Shocks (installed myself)
    *$300 for DiabloSport Predator (and if I remember correctly, $100 for a custom tune which was needed when I regeared)
    *$800 (I think...anyway, it's very close), to regear to 4:56s (I had them professionally installed)
    *$1200 for BFG A/T KOs 315/70/17s

    I know some of the prices went up as I did this in late 2010 but this should give you a ball-park idea.

    Also, I am not a mechanic but am familiar with vehicle maintenance and some repair, thus felt comfortable installing the lift kit myself after reading the instruction manual which can be found on Rancho's website. Something you may want to consider if think you can do and have 3 solid days to spare.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Here is something that will help you visualize why the shop is recommending you change gears.

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    I appreciate the great info. guys. Still on the fence with what I want to do exactly but will definitely keep you guys updated. After a little more consideration, I am leaning towards a 4" lift with 33s. I am thinking that this will get me close to the look that I am wanting without putting too much stress on the drivetrain...atleast until I am able to purchase programmer and re gear down the road.

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