wanting to buy an 07 chevy got some questions

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by newtruck2, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. newtruck2

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    Im looking at an 07 chevy 1500 four door ltz 4x4 with 100000 miles on it it has a six inch lift with 35 inch tires ill be traveling a lot they want 18500 for it is that a good deal and should I be worried about the high miles
  2. azdrtdog

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    always check KBB it will get the market price for your zip then look at craigs for comparable trucks see what there asking call and see if it sold then go bust nuts I love negotiating

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    Without being able to see a Picture of the Truck.....makes it hard to give advice on it....Like what.....Engine....Trans....Gears......also what Aftermarket Parts have been install on the Truck,

    ......100K miles in 3-1/2 years almost 28,000 miles per year.......with those miles on the Truck.....I would want to See All Maintenance Records for the Truck.....that will give you some idea on How it has been Taken Care for,

    There are A Lot of Trucks out there to Buy.........I don't know if this Truck is Worth the asking Price of....$18,500.....

    Just look it over from Top/Bottom....Front/Back.....Inside/Outside......ask the Owner any and all questions....and if you have a friend who is a Mechanic have him look the Truck over....

    Bottom the Truck is Worth what someone is willing to PAY for It. .
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  4. vncj96

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    ALWAYS take extreme caution on buying a lifted truck. Was the lift professionally intalled, did they change the gear ratios (front and rear on 4wd) to match the tire size. Was the computer udpated to match the tire and gear changes. While many modern day lifts are more for appearence then function, but always go into it thinking they DID use this in the mud, dirt, sand and snow and that the truck has been tormented. If so always check the frame for stressing/cracks. Or damage to the bottom side of the body. A simple thing of not having the correct angles on the driveshaft for a lifted truck can cause sooo many problems. I would make sure to have YOUR mechanic look at it, possibly even a body shop, and for sure get a car fax on it. Just because it has a lift doesnt mean its worth more. A lift is not a value adding feature it actually devalues a used car, most car dealerships wont even take a lifted truck on trade. 100,000miles is not a big deal on vehicles anymore but how many of those miles are on the lift? A lift just adds more stress to a truck. If that lift has been on since the day it was bought then everything will be just about ready to be replaced. Ball joints, u-joints, cv axles, tie rods, pittman arms, shocks etc. 35 inch tires alone are gonna run you an easy $1000
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  5. chase87

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    i have that truck i paid about 20000. with 62000 miles on it. bought it stock.

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