wanting to get wheels and tires. help me!

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  1. sorensentyler87

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    i have a 2001 chevy silverado 4x4. it's a 5 spd V-6. really great truck. i want to dress it up a little and was wondering how big of a wheel and tire i can get? i want them to stick out from the wheel well about an inch just to give it a beefier look. any help? sizes i need? i want the rim to be black and simple just regular holes going around the rim. it will need to have 6 bolts. any help please!

    thanks guys!
  2. giorge

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    Welcome to the site!

    Why do you want them sticking out the side of the wheel wells? I have 22's on my 03 Avalanche and they don't stick out the wheel wells.
    A tire shop would be your best bet for information
    Just remember if they stick out past the wheel wells some states will require you to have mud flaps or extensions to cover the tire from throwing gravel and they make a mess on your truck along with chipped paint.
  3. mfleetwood

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    Welcome to the club!! There ton of choices for you to decide upon given your questions (like do you want a larger rim w/less tire or a average size rim with more sidewall?) Some of the answers will depend on what you want to do with your truck. For example, I like to off-road quite a bit, so I am satisified with my stock 17s and a larger sidewall. You may be happier with a 20" rim and less tire, even though the overall diameter of the tire may be the same. Check out this thread as well as follow the first link it mentions. I think it will help you out quite a bit as you decided on the direction you want to go and help you figure out max tire sizes, backspacing requirement, etc. Good luck!!


    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    x2....On what mfleetwood has Mentioned......Tons of choices re-guarding Rim and Tire Set-ups.
  5. ridick_bowen

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    Run some Toyo Open Country A/Ts. They the ****.
  6. HawaiiKid

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    I think one of the first big questions is what you want em for. Off road use, or showing off? I clearly fall in the "showing off" category with my Rockstars (at least in chrome, some guys have sick set ups with the black ones off road too), but you can have a 20 inch tire with stock wheel height, all the way up to HUGE off roaders, all depends on your preference. And that leads me to the second question...price. How much are you willing to spend? I was shocked at how much even a more basic set up costs (seems like 20s and truck tires didn't get cheaper than $1,200 bucks), much less the ones I really wanted. Answer those questions first, THEN move into your search! Also, check through the galleries on this site, seems like we all have some pretty neat wheel/tire combos.

    As far as sticking out goes...I'm with giorge, havin them stick out isn't gonna end up with any real positive results, so its really not worth the hassle. Good luck!

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