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    DO NOT DEAL WITH CARTER GM <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:City w:st="on">BURNABY</st1:City></st1:place> - TERRIBLE SERVICE !!!!
    Also WARNING about GM CANADA LTD. and their lack of customer care.
    Brought my still brand new 2011 Silverado for first service/oil change (just over 6000km). That was at the end of September 2011. Right after the service the truck developed oil leak. Brought it back for repairs 5 TIMES and is still leaking oil!!! CARTER'S mechanics took it apart (i.e. dropping transmission etc) 3 different times and truck is still leaking oil. First incompetent mechanic was replaced with another one that ended up braking parts along the way, not putting things back properly. Their service manager RAY NORRIS admitted the mechanic was not using proper tools to put things back together etc.
    After having appointment for the 5th time, CARTER GM BURNABY kept the truck for over a week, during which, after our numerous phone calls we could not get any straight answer as to what was going on with our vehicle, when it would be ready. Frustrated we contacted GM CUSTOMER CARE with complaints. DARRYL MOORE (1-800-263-3777 extn. #2384) was initially very sympathetic and promised to have the issue resolved and call us back. A week passed, no call. Upon contacting Mr. MOORE - we were told that CARTER GM BURNABY "detailed our truck toped up our fuel, gave us free rental car so we should be happy and we can always take our business elsewhere". By the way we DID NOT ask to have the truck detailed WE ASKED TO HAVE IT FIXED. Btw the tank was almost full when we brought it in and they topped up the fuel after taking it for test drive twice, each time for an hour. The rental car was only given to us on our 5TH VISIT! Oh did I mention that we live 22km away from CARTER and each time had to take transit home or back to dealer?
    EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED, we faxed GM CUSTOMER CARE 6 PAGE COMPLAINT LETTER detailing the events (which we did not describe here….. oh yes there were more) and we asked to have the matter escalated to their managerial level. We emphasized that we need to have the issue resolved and truck fixed as it's been over 2.5 months and the truck is still not repaired and now sitting as we are afraid to use it due to the oil leak. We were assured by GM that the assigned manager will review the case and contact us within 2 business days. That was on Dec 8th. By DEC 12 we still did not hear from GM and when we called them we were told that there is a note on their system that the manager named <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:City w:st="on">CRYSTAL</st1:City></st1:place> (1-800-263-3777 extn. 2821) called us. This is actually the second time this occurred (previously with Mr. DARRYL MOORE) that we were told that someone from GM called us even though we received no calls and no voice mails were left. By the way we have caller ID, voice mail box that is always empty and pretty much are being glued to the phone 24 hrs a day. So from then on it was again cat and mouse game as the GM people would never answer their phones so each time we had to leave a message. Finally we got a call from <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">CRYSTAL</st1:place></st1:City> (extn 2821) only to be told that she has not even read our complaint and she has yet to review the whole case. She promised to call back the next day but.... you guessed it. No call. Finally on the second day <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:City w:st="on">CRYSTAL</st1:City></st1:place> called and yep ...... you guessed it again we got the "dealer washed your car, topped up fuel etc..." speech. Pretty much go and get lost you unhappy and unreasonable customer. Upon requesting <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">CRYSTAL</st1:place></st1:City>'S last name so we could have it for our records when we proceed to even higher level, she would not give it to us, instead she just hanged up the phone on us.
    By the way no one at GM CUSTOMER DO-NOT-CARE will give you their last name, their e-mail address so you can write to them and provide pictures etc. No one would give you the name of regional service manager (which now I suppose would probably not be of big help either). What are they AFRAID OF? Oh and when you contact them via GM WEB CHAT they’ll be quick to ask you to talk to you over the phone instead so that there is no written record of your complaint.
    We love our truck but what is it good to us if we can't use it??? And had we known about the horrible service and lack of customer support we would have never bought <st1:Street w:st="on"><st1:address w:st="on">CHEVROLET GM it in first place</st1:address></st1:Street>. Oh did I mention we had it specially factory ordered, waited 12 weeks for delivery and we paid a lot of money for it?
    We will discourage anyone we know (one of our friends already changed his mind about purchasing Chevy truck) that wants to buy GM product, Chevrolet etc. and we'll definitely try to prevent anyone from THE DISSERVICE OF CARTER GM BURNABY located at 4550 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC V5C 3Z5.
    Oh you know what's funny? Previously after we took the truck for repairs and were told they fixed it (even though it wasn’t) each time we were e-mailed GM CANADA LTD. customer satisfaction questionnaire, which we never filled out. Now that we complained, guess what??? - No questionnaire was sent to us. Hmmmmm must be just a coincidence.
    One would think that in this tough economic times not only the product quality but especially customer service would be an important part of doing business. I guess not so much. Well rest assured that when both are lacking no amount of factory/dealer discounts and credits will persuade the customer if he/she knows what a terrible headache they’ll have to endure afterwards.
  2. ChevyFan

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    Sorry for your ordeal. What was the cause of the oil leak? It's a 2011, how many miles/kms on it now?
  3. unhappy_customer

    unhappy_customer New Member

    good question may be we should ask CARTER???
  4. ChevyFan

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    Did they not come up with a cause of the oil leak?
  5. TRPLXL2

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    Oh man I feel your pain I really do!!

    I work for GM and the dealers have worked me over pretty good in the past as well, I honestly believe the dealers are what kills GM's reputation because they can't work on this stuff.

    I had a 2005 Silverado Regency Conversion $78,000 truck which developed a BAD rear main seal leak. They had mine for over a month, dropped the whole drivetrain 4x4 setup. Once they got done I still had a rear main seal leak, transmission and transfer case leaked after that, the truck was never right after that.

    Don't let that dealer taint your thought of GM vehicles, good luck with your truck.
  6. Red Z71 Max

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    This is just unacceptable!! How many members do we have on here!!! I think GM needs to know that this GM truck owners community will not let this go and we should all stand behind Unhappy!!!!! If this is the kind of service we all are expected to receive, then I myself will switch my loyalty to a different brand that promises complete service and satisfaction!!! I'm very sorry for the trouble these people have gone through. its just plain WRONG!!!!!
  7. TRPLXL2

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    I work at a GM plant that has almost 2,000 people, there are quite a few who now drive Toyota and other non gm cars and it breaks my heart. I have gotten screwed a lot at the dealers, BUT I still continue to buy GM vehicles because It promotes my job and my family. This is why I started working on cars on the side for people at work, I bought a Tech 2 for myself and I save people the run around and thousands. Do I feel bad about taking the dealerships work away?? Heck no!!!!! They neeed to learn how to fix vehicles they are sent to school to learn about, I get so aggrivated when I hear people get screwed at the dealer It upsets me very much because they give me a bad name lol!!
  8. Dirtydeeds

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    Can't you take the Truck to another dealer if you are not satisfied with the service at one? It's GM's warranty department that pays the dealer so any dealership would do the work if it's covered under warranty at no charge to you. A part of your service is to have it fixed at any dealer, if your 4 hours away and something happens to your vehicle it is covered under your warranty at that dealer.
  9. Jper

    Jper Member

    I feel for you! I just went to do my first oil change on my new 2011 and found the bottom of the oil pan just covered in shiny new oil, drove that thing right into town and had it on the hoist in an hour. Now I am just wating to see if this problem continues or if it was solved first time! I'm lucky that the 4.3 is so common that they had a replacement pan gasket on hand!
  10. sicfuc

    sicfuc New Member

    Carter GM Burnaby is the best place to have service, I got amazing treatment.....

    Sorry about your ordeal, but on the other hand there actually is a good side, I bought a used truck from a dealer Applewood Kia and was driving it for about a year, I noticed a knocking bottom end of my engine and got worried no engine lights on or any type of warnings, I happened to land on their doorstep and had you initial diagnostics and so on It was painfull but I could tell they were trying to save me money by doing step by step diagnostics. it was inexpensive and they did not ask me to replace all kinds of parts they were pretty straight up and said sounds like your bottom end is toast.

    All the mechanics came out and sat to figure out the situation talking amongst themselves they came to the final conclusion you need a new engine,.

    to make a long story short the found me a new engine at an unbelievable price straight from GM crate and when the mechanic was pulling it he noticed the oil pressure cable had been spliced and disconnected from the BCM so therefore no lights would come on to warn you there was no pressure, Why would the mechanic bother to tell me that, most mechanics would have just continued on and put the new engine in, because of His actions I sued the Dealer that sold it to me and won enough for the engine job and some upgrades.

    So unfortunately you had a bad experience and I fortunately had a great one, plus the mechanic made me a deal and cut the labor down on his own and charged me straight time rather than GM book time.

    Carter GM Burnaby is the best place to have service, I got amazing treatment.....

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